February 27, 2021

Valencia police remove messages from the anti-feminist bus | Society

Valencia police remove messages from the anti-feminist bus | Society

The Local Police of Valencia has taken the bus of the right-wing organization Make yourself heard that wanted to circulate around the city with the slogans StopFeminazis. It is not Gender Violence, it is Domestic Violence, stuck all over the vehicle, to the center of this body to remove the vinyls by breaking several regulations, including the one that prevents covering the emergency windows of the vehicle.

According to the City Council, the bus "has been stopped" in the Palacio de Congresos area, at the northwest entrance of the city, and the documentation has been requested, at which point several people have started to protest and throw oranges at him to leave Valencia. "In accordance with current regulations, he has been taken to the police station to remove the vinyl" because the installation of advertising laminates on the bus violates the installation specifications provided in an order.

"This is a violation of Article 12.9.5 A of the General Vehicle Regulations: Circular with the vehicle reviewed, subject to special rules, not complying with the regulatory requirements established in regard to its technical conditions," adds the Consistory.

The technical conditions that it fails to comply with refer to the installation of sheets attached to the glazed surfaces that have an emergency exit, "a serious defect according to the ITV Station Inspection Procedure Manual". According to the City Council, being a serious deficiency, the ITV "would be unfavorable and, therefore, can only circulate to go to the workshop to correct this deficiency, which constitute a special risk for road safety and motive of immobilization" according to Article 104 .b of the Road Safety Law, adds the Valencian Consistory.

The ultra-Catholic organization had planned to present its campaign this afternoon at a hotel in the city to "ask Pablo Casado, Santiago Abascal and Albert Rivera, leaders of the Popular Party, Vox and Citizens respectively, to end the 'gender laws': 'gender violence law', the 'gender equality law' and the 'LGTBI laws'.

The Government Delegation in the Valencian Community has announced that it will send to the Prosecutor's Office the slogans and messages of the bus in case they are constitutive of a hate crime.

A group of people starts the vinyls of the bus from HazteOír in Valèncis
A group of people starts the vinyls of the bus from HazteOír in Valèncis Europa Press

The decision of the City Council of Valencia takes place after the court of instruction number 4 of Barcelona On guard duty refused on Monday immobilize the Hazte Oír bus that circulated through the streets of the Catalan capital. The magistrate considered that "as abhorrent or even disgusting as the expressions expressed" in the vehicle "may be, they respond to freedom of expression."

Last week the City Council of Valencia and the Jewish Community of Madrid looked for the legal formulas to stop the message. A spokesman for the City of Valencia said last Thursday that, when it is known which day the vehicle of the ultraconservative group is scheduled to arrive in the city and it is verified if it keeps the same message, the matter will be taken immediately to the services municipal legal It is about determining, said the mayor, Joan Ribó, of Compromís, if "it is a crime of hate nothing more and nothing less than against half of the population, women".

In March 2017, Valencia announced that it would not allow the entry of another Hazte Oír bus. The vehicle finally circulated, but after changing its initial motto, markedly transphobic, – "Children have penises, girls have vulva, do not be fooled" – by another lacking controversy – "Respect for all. bullying"- With that precedent, the City Council decided to wait until today, although finally it has taken another type of offense.The veto is shared by Compromís, socialists and València en Comú, the three parties that make up the local government .


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