May 27, 2020

Valencia overcomes all obstacles to knock down Granada | sports

Losing along the way a voided goal and the loss of two decisive pieces such as Kondogbia and Rodrigo, Valencia, which suffers an epidemic of muscle injuries, passed all the tests to which it was subjected to bad luck and won the winner for the third consecutive time in the tenth match of Celades in First Division. The second goal was a prodigy of Ferran Torres after a 50-meter drive that ended in a howitzer to the squad with the left leg and certified the third defeat followed by Granada in the championship.

With seven casualties to make the call, some of them notable, Albert Celades gave the holder to Manu Vallejo. In the absence of more alternatives for the left flank of his attack than the portent of Kang In Lee, the coach opted for the dynamic striker who arrived this summer from Cádiz. Vallejo, without just minutes, waves the attack every time he jumps off the bench, but this time he could prove it from the start. A decision that seems like a touch of attention from Celades to the Korean, full of talent but, perhaps, dazzled by all the focuses that have been fixed on him since this summer.

Valencia and Granada filled the first half with rhythm, hovering around both goals but firing saves past two shots of Maxi Gomez and Wass. The staging of the Celades group was positive, the best of this season, and that of Granada, again, meritorious. The Nasrid accordion, which plays by heart, guarded the bat, which came from two victories in a row, although it began to float in the final leg of the first half and collapsed after the break.






Cillessen, Gayá, Garay, Wass, Gabriel Paulista, Manu Vallejo (Lee Kang-In, min. 86), Ferrán Torres, Parejo, Kondogbia (Jaume Costa, min. 35), Rodrigo (Gameiro, min. 51) and Maxi Gómez .


Rui Silva, Carlos Neva (Carlos Fernández, min. 80), Germán, Quini, Domingos Duarte, Azeez (Machís, min. 74), Yangel Herrera, Vadillo, Gonalons (Montoro, min. 62), Doors and Soldier.

1-0 min. 73: Wass. 2-0 min. 96: Ferrán Torres.

Xavier Estrada Fernández

Quini (min. 77),
Azeez (min. 43),
Yangel Herrera (min. 91),
Gonalons (min. 38) and
Montoro (min. 88).


Just when he was recovering the level he exhibited two seasons ago, the powerful Kondogbia bent his knees and dropped to the ground. The change of pieces of Celades was significant. He took Wass to the center of the field as a companion for Parejo and got Jaume Costa. With the right side novel Correia on the bench, signed for 12 million euros this summer in an operation sponsored by Jorge Mendes as expensive as surprising, the coach preferred to enter a left-handed on that side. Correia's level in El Sadar was so poor that Celades has decided to adapt another player for that position rather than playing it again.

After Kondogbia, Rodrigo went to the ground and asked for first aid and then change. The game leaves two more muscle injuries in a Valencia that suffers the scandalous figure of nine casualties. A barbarity for an elite team whose players fall down the road without anyone explaining the reason.

Trying to get up after suffering two capital losses in 51 minutes of play, the bat's eleven hit another blow. He was given the VAR, which annulled the seventh goal in the Parejo season because Maxi Gómez, out of play but without intervening, was on the ball and prevented the vision of the goal Rui Silva. In that section the Granada was against the ropes in the ring of Mestalla and Valencia, although without the prize of the goal, he won the points. Gameiro, Rodrigo's substitute, gave more strength to the local attack, which definitely dominated the duel.

Gameiro, with the wind in favor in the offense of Celades, put a great center to the long stick where Maxi was not right in the shot; Daniel Wass did it, which blew the ball against the net after a chest check. Another unexpected scorer for the third straight victory, which closed at the discount with another prodigious play by Ferran Torres that Cillessen started by taking the ball with his hand over Foios' talent career. The stride, driving with both legs and the goal of Ferran was flag. Valencia has a future.

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