May 26, 2020

Valencia offers a great comeback to Mestalla – La Provincia

Valencia achieved a very important victory to track their pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League after going back to Lille (4-1) in a second part that led to Mestalla's ecstasy, and now it is up to himself to overcome the group stage in the two remaining days against Chelsea and Ajax, all tied with seven points.

Celades' team ended up finding the prize in the second half to end a rocky Lille, a team that offered more arguments than its staff and budget say. The French were ahead on the scoreboard before reaching half an hour with a sensational hand in hand and endured alive until minute 82.

The night began crooked for the painting 'che'. A loss of Parejo ended up in Osimhen's boots and he did not fail hand in hand with Cillessen. The goal twisted the gesture of the stands of Mestalla and greatly complicated the European future of Valencia. However, the feelings said otherwise, or at least the statistics.

At rest, Rodrigo had forgiven a couple of them – one in the heart of the very clear area – and another in boots of Ferran, who replaced Cheryshev in half an hour and became the player who revolutionized the match. But nothing, Lille perfectly endured Valencian bravery with Maignan's great stops, some of them even unintentionally.

The 'che' team continued with its line in the second half, yes, with more depth and more presence in the center of the field. The locals released their hair and began to corner their rival. Even so, before the Valencian recital, Yazici pardoned the 0-2 with a meek shot at the penalty spot that went to Cillessen.

Then the storm broke with the tie (1-1) after a clear penalty from Fonte, who touched the ball with his hand in a center of Rodrigo. The Lille player was cautioned after going to the VAR screen and inviting the referee to do the same. It wasn't even necessary to check the screen. Parejo failed from eleven meters.

The one from Coslada marked with a 'panenka' and calmed the spirits of its people, but the madness came eight minutes from the end in a center in Gayà that ended up being introduced into the French goal after a wrong clearance by Soumaoro. The party was fair and complete in a Mestalla that did not believe the great comeback of its pupils.

To top, Kondogbia scored a great goal from 25 meters and Ferran Torres, the best of Valencia tonight, completed his great performance with a shot that kissed the networks after being enabled by Rodrigo. The comeback, with thrashing included, allows Valencia to continue believing in the eighths and approach them despite the triple tie that exists after the crazy night of Tuesday.

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