Valencia look for lost goal in Switzerland | sports

Valencia look for lost goal in Switzerland | sports

All to the Swiss ball. The Valencia has gone to dig in the artificial grass of the Stade de Suisse after the track of his reliability and the goal he has lost. The team will need to shoot powder in his duel with the Young Boys (18.55, Movistar Champions League), which is played in the next two games his European horizon. "Of course I think we are favorites, what will I think? Losing? Maximum self-demand The results do not come out, they will come out. We want to win this game and the next one. I've been playing for 15 years in the Champions League, to think now that I can not win, "said Marcelino.

It's a journey to rediscover yourself behind the blow that gave him the Leganés in Mestalla (1-1), where he still has not won this season and only stacks five draws. After a flawed start to the season in which Valencia had completely lost its identity, the team has recovered its hard coat and grants little.

The step he needs to take is the offensive and the obligation was to break the chains first against Leganés and then against Young Boys. But in front of the pepineros the platoon of Marcelino remained flat. Martial and disciplined but no goal. Valencia gets stuck in positional attack and blocks. It attacks on the outside but does not win the aerial duels with the rival defenses and it becomes predictable. In band, without Guedes, injured, there is hardly one against one; Parejo plays at a very slow and excessively horizontal pace and, in addition, most of the game is positioned behind the defensive midfielder.

Only Gayà strikes and hurts for the left but their centers do not find who heads them. The team does not generate goal chances and those that have are poorly managed by their forwards or by their players. "We are performing below expectations and we all have to assume our responsibility. We do not have a magic potion to make goals but no complaints either, "Marcelino says.

Less efficiency

The Valencia of the previous season was second after nine League days with 21 points after winning six games and drawing three. He had scored 25 goals for 10 received. Currently, the same height of season, the bat team has 10 points (is 15th) and has only made seven goals by eight conceded. The difference with respect to the last course is negative: 11 points and 18 less goals. In addition, he has played two Champions League matches in which he has received two goals and has not scored any.

The explanation is in the effectiveness. "With respect to the average of the last season this year we throw more and we arrived more to the area, but we have 18 less goals. We are a better team than last year but it is obvious that we are not effective, "said the Valencian coach. And that despite the fact that, on paper, the entity has a better package of strikers. Marcelino has chosen to change the assignment of Vietto to Batshuayi and the sale of Zaza for the purchase of Gameiro. Until today, the performance is poor: more CV and more expensive, but less goal.

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