Valencia lives its second hottest day of Fallas for 79 years

Valencia lives its second hottest day of Fallas for 79 years

The city of Valencia has registered this Sunday a maximum of 29.8 degrees, which according to the historical records of the State Meteorological Agency is the second day of the week Fallas (from 15 to 19 March) warmer since 1940, when it reached 30.8º.

The third place is now for March 19, 2002, with 29 degrees, followed by 18 of 1948 (28.7), 18 of 1988 (28.6), 19 of 1997 (28.4) and the 18 of 1997 (28 degrees), according to the data of Aemet.

However, the forecast for Monday indicates a drop of more than ten degrees in the maximum temperature in the city of Valencia, added from the Climatology department of the Valencian delegation of Aemet.

And they wonder if it is more anomalous the heat of this Sunday or the cool of Monday, because this maximum has been 10.8 degrees higher than normal and the predicted for the penultimate big day of the Fallas is 2.6 degrees lower.

There is the circumstance that the maximum temperature recorded this Sunday in Valencia lasted until 16.20, just an hour after the floral offering began to the Virgin of the Homeless and two hours before the match between Valencia and Valencia began at Mestalla. the Getafe.

At that moment, according to Aemet, the west wind was cut off and the fresh sea wind began to enter with force, and in just over an hour and a half the temperature dropped by almost ten degrees, so that by mid-afternoon they registered only 19 degrees in the center of the city.

This Sunday of almost summer temperatures has also left outstanding highs such as 30.3 degrees of Elche, 29.5 of Carcaixent, 29.2 of Alicante, 28.9 of Xàbia, Oliva and Xàtiva and 28.8 of I hit


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