May 31, 2020

Valencia goes back to Lille to dream

Valencia is still very alive. The comeback against Lille in less than 20 minutes allows the Celades team to reach the last two days with the options intact to qualify and even to be first. And what two days! Chelsea, who broke his face with Ajax at Stamford Bridge (4-4), has to visit Mestalla. The Celades won (0-1) in London and will close the first phase against Ajax in Amsterdam. Ajax, Chelsea and Valencia will play the two places that lead to the round of 16.

Lille is a bargain as a visitor this season. The French are as daring, almost reckless, as insecure behind and it was enough to take advantage of a mistake in Parejo's pass to score. Loss in the center of the field is equivalent to danger before a dizzying team. Osimhen's stampede was unattainable for the Valencian centrals and Cillesen's exit ended with the ball passing between his legs. And that Valencia was advised. In a few games he had such a bad time as in his visit to Lille. He suffered 27 shots and ended up drawing a miracle.

The story changed in Mestalla. Valencia was able to overcome the miracles of Maignan in the last part of the first part and a couple of scares to Cillessen in the beginning of the second. He needed a favor from Fonte to tie. The Portuguese committed a penalty that did not admit discussion. The position of his arm was unnatural and Parejo was responsible for executing the Panenka. It was the goal that Valencia needed to silence the first pitos that already sounded in Mestalla. The defeat, the protests against Lim … the usual. There was plenty of time to complete the comeback. And so much. A raid by Gayá ended up hitting Sumaoro and the ball slipped meekly into the French goal. To avoid shocks, Kondogbia invented a shoe from outside the area that slipped through the Maignan squad.

Valencia overcame almost everything against Lille. In memory of the burden suffered in the previous game; to the vice of being unable to keep his goal to zero; to the goal conceded in the first part; to the pitos … Ferrán's room closed one night that allows Celades to dream.

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