Valencia ends Barça’s unbeaten record in the Endesa League

Valencia ends the unbeaten record of Barça.

Valencia ends Barça’s unbeaten record.

The Valencia Basket ended (79-87) with the unbeaten Barça on the Endesa League on a historic afternoon for Joan Peñarroya’s team, who faced the match against the leader with five casualties and ended up dominating it with 52 points in the second half.

One last room to frame from Jasiel rivero (18 points) and Bojan dubljevic (15 points) ended up deciding a game that Barça never knew how to take the pulse and that came even until the last quarter.

The great game of Mirotic (22 points) against the great Valencian choral game in which the young Josep Puerto (10 points) and Jaime Pradilla (7 points) were also fundamental pieces of the victory together with Xabi López Arostegui (17 points).

Valencia started the game without complexes and Jaime Pradilla with a triple and a basket of two put the 0-5 on the scoreboard after two minutes. He had to leave Nikola Mirotic to the rescue of Barça with 2-6 on the scoreboard to give Barça its first advantage (9-6, min. 4) with seven consecutive points.

The Catalans, too soft and clueless in defense, received two triples from Van Rossom and López-Arostegui and a basket from Puerto that put Valencia five up (9-14, min. 6). That alternation on the scoreboard was the keynote of the entire first half.

Mirotic could not find a relief in the annotation and Valencia, looking for quick shots, always stayed within the game regardless of the age of those in the park.

Brandon Davies, as usual, imposed his law under the hoops to put the 21-19 at the end of the quarter but the Catalans returned to their old ways at the beginning of the second quarter, not being able to with Jasiel Rivero when the ball reached the low post in the zonal defense that raises Jasikevicius (21-23, min. 12).

López-Aróstegui emerged as the top scorer of his team in the first half together with Jasiel Rivero with 9 points to keep the Valencians up (29-30, min. 17).

Barça only scored free throws in the last minutes of a first half in which he scored the most baskets from that position than in shots in play to go to rest three points up (38-35).

The Catalans came out after the break with better individual defense and two triples from Calathes and Sanli they seemed to signify the definitive takeoff of Jasikevicius’ men (54-47, min. 26), but it was not like that.

Inferior in the paint, Valencia looked for solutions from long distance and Puerto, López-Arostegui and Prepelic scored to put their team back in front of the scoreboard (56-60, min. 28). The festival from the 6.75 line continued until the end of the quarter, which was reached again in a draw (63-63) after a triple by Van Rossom after Kuric returned the advantage to Barça (63-60).

The Valencians greatly complicated the game for the Catalans at the start of the last period with a 2-15 run with two triples from Bojan dubljevic (65-77, min. 34) and Jasiel Rivero being the master of both rings.

The Barça was entrusted to Davies and Mirotic to turn the game around and he managed to reduce the difference to six points (77-83) to 1’50 “from the end and insisted, unsuccessfully, on tracing the game from the three-point line.

Bojan Dubljevic, who scored his 15 points in the second half, he sentenced the match with two free throws 46 seconds from the conclusion that gave Valencia Basket a well-deserved victory in which they scored 52 points in the second half over the Catalan team.

Data sheet

79. Barça (21 + 17 + 25 + 16): Calathes (12), Laprovittola (10), Hayes-Davis (-), Mirotic (22), Sanli (5) -starting team-, Davies (12), Martínez (-), Smits (-), Kuric (11) , Jokubaitis (3) and Oriola (4).

87. Valencia Basket (19 + 16 + 28 + 24): Van Rossom (6), Puerto (10), López-Arostegui (17), Pradilla (7), Dubljevic (15) -starting team-, Prepelic (11), Ferrando (-), Rivero (18), Bressan (3 ), Jiménez (-) and Vila (-).

Referees: Conde, Castillo and Merino. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to the tenth round of the Endesa League played at the Palau Blaugrana before 4,319 spectators.


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