Valencia distributes between the children and the current couple the aids to relatives of deceased by sexist violence | Society

Valencia distributes between the children and the current couple the aids to relatives of deceased by sexist violence | Society

The Valencian Government will distribute 50% of its new aid for relatives of fatal victims of the macho violence between the children of the woman and the couple, as long as the man is not the perpetrator of the crime and does not have reports of abuse. The norm, which is processed in the Valencian Parliament, raises aid from 6,000 to 75,000 euros, and its first version was criticized by feminist organizations because it prioritized as a recipient of the couple, if any, over the children. This will be modified in the parliamentary process.

"Putting as a beneficiary of this compensation to the new partner of the victim, if it existed, ahead of the children of this, is a measure that deprives children and deepens the risk of their helplessness," says the manifesto promoted by the Association of Women Jurists Themis, the Federation of Progressive Women, the Federation of Associations of Separated and Divorced Women, the Women Foundation and the Feminist Enclave. The entities recognize at the same time the progress that represents, "with a general character", the initiative of the Generalitat in the path of "repairing the damage in the most serious cases" of gender violence.

A spokesperson for the Council for Equality and Inclusive Policies, headed by the vice president Monica Oltra, of Compromís, defends the delivery of at least a part of the aid to the spouse or person with whom the deceased maintained a similar relationship, stating that it will normally be the one who assumes the maintenance of the children, who can also be their children, besides assuming the debts they had jointly, such as the mortgage.

The aid will also be given in those cases in which the murdered woman is not, but relatives or other people. The Ministry of Equality mentions the case occurred in March in Castellón, in which a man went to the house of his ex-partner's parents with the intention of killing her. He did not find her, but he did find the 22-year-old daughter, whom he threatened by putting a knife to her heart. The grandfather came out in his defense pouncing on the aggressor, which allowed the girl to escape, but died stabbed. If the aid does not include the couple of the victim in the first step of beneficiaries, warns the spokesperson for Equality and Inclusive Policies, in this case the woman of the grandfather who died in Castellón could not perceive it.

The document signed on Tuesday by the feminist entities also criticizes that the proposal of the Generalitat violates the inheritance law, "which establishes the legitimate two-thirds of the inheritance in favor of the sons and daughters as forced heirs." Counseling responds that this approach confuses help with inheritance. And he believes that the issue must be approached from the perspective that a sexist aggression resulting in death or serious consequences implies a failure of the society that must compensate itself, the victim or its immediate environment.

Great disability

The new aid, which is processed in the Law of Accompaniment of the Budget of the Generalitat, are also planned for victims of sexist violence whose consequence is absolute permanent work disability (54,000 euros) or severe disability (150,000). In this case they will also be delivered when the injured are direct relatives of the woman or people who try to stop the aggression.

The Ministry points out that in the parliamentary process formulas will be sought to prevent the recipient of the aid may be the couple of the woman victim of violence, although not the perpetrator of death or assault, if there are sufficient complaints or indications against him that he is an abuser. The department of Oltra, says the spokesman, is developing in parallel a regulation that will protect a woman victim of violence even if it has not reported, on the basis of medical reports, social services or 24-hour Women's Centers.


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