June 13, 2021

Valencia confirms the signing of Bordalás

Valencia confirms the signing of Bordalás for two seasons.

Valencia confirms the signing of Bordalás for two seasons.

The Valencia confirmed this Thursday the hiring as a technician of Pepe Bordalás for the next two seasons plus an optional third.

The Alicante coach, who dissociated himself from the Getafe On Tuesday, he went to the Mestalla club offices at around 11:30 in the morning to sign his contract.

The new Valencia coach, José Bordalás, assured that he is aware of the economic limitations that the entity has and that he arrives willing to adapt “to the possibilities of the club”, although he took it for granted that there will be signings and it has been transferred to him that there are footballers who will not leave.

“There are players who will continue yes or yes and others who can leave. We have to be calm because we always work to try to get the best for Valencia. I can not say the players who will continue yes or yes, but you can imagine them, “he said at the presentation press conference.

In any case, he clarified that the decision of the exits corresponds to the entity. “I haven’t had time to talk about non-transferable players and coaches can never decide. It is the club who decides it based on needs or what they offer for a player, “he said.

If a player has to leave, it is out of necessity or because the moment requires it, we will work to incorporate players who are competitive and come with great enthusiasm for Valencia to regain its status, “he said.

The Alicante coach hinted that he has agreed with the club that there will be signings (something that did not happen last summer). “It is necessary to incorporate in some positions players who give a quality leap to the team “, he claimed.

“The president (Anil Murthy) has said that we are going to reach a consensus and I have no doubts that we will have a very good relationship. With Miguel Ángel (Corona) we will reach a consensus on the staff and we will try to get the incorporations right“, it indicated in reference to the sporting director.

“We have to get together and work in a consensual way, analyze the needs and from there, design a squad that is as competitive as possible to excite the fans and achieve important goals“, he pointed.

The coach said that when his agents transferred the interest of the club to him. “They asked me what the roadmap could be, the pros and cons and I accepted. If I had any doubts, I would not be hereí “, he admitted.

He ruled out that if his expectations are not met in the transfer market, he can ask the club to release him from his contract as he did last year. Javi Gracia. “I respect everyone, but I am not going to put my position at the disposal of anyone because I come to work, so that Valencia is very competitive and occupies the place it deserves,” he said.

Bordalás assured that it will be the characteristics of the squad that will mark the game, but said that “the idea is that it be an offensive team, that they hope with a ambitious mindset and winner and to mark important challenges “.

“We cannot start thinking about our weaknesses, but about our virtues,” said Bordalás, who avoided at all times set a qualifying goal for the team and insisted that what they are looking for is the satisfaction of the fans and “recovering the hallmarks” of the club.

“All the fans know what the DNA of the club has been. I am not here to establish anything, but to help recover it. When I speak of recovering signs of identity, I speak of DNA. I am from Alicante, I have followed Valencia since I was a child and I have identified it with a very defined DNA. I am not coming to establish anything, “he insisted.

“The objective is that the fans leave Mestalla satisfied to see a team that competes and gives everything, from then on everything requires a period. The sooner the team recovers those signals, the more chances we will have to be competitive give joy to the fans “, he stressed.

“Valencia comes from not having a good season and the objective with which I have been signed is to recover those good feelings and for the club to occupy the status it should have in the League,” added Bordalás, who was sure that they will be able to improve the classification of this campaign.

Regarding his personal situation, he pointed out that he faces the challenge “with great enthusiasm” and how “a challenge” after having spent the last five seasons at Getafe.

“I think I came at a very good personal moment. I have accepted without any doubt,” said Bordalás, who preferred not to define himself as a coach but said that it is “very demanding” with himself and with the players but also close to them.


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