Valencia CF: Athletic would like Valencia to adapt to their style of play: "And for the referee to work in that direction"

ANDhe president of Athletic, Aitor Elicegi, hope that the Valencia go out to the party Cup semi-final second leg (March 2, 9:00 p.m., Mestalla) with a similar approach to that of your team. In this way, the maximum rojiblanco president joins the media debate that arose after the first leg, referring to the game of the team from Bordals. After the match, several protagonists spoke about the approach and interruptions, especially in regard to the Fouls committed (22 from Valencia, for 13 from the locals).

I would like the match to be similar to those proposed by Athletic

Aitor Elicegi

"I would like the match to be similar to those proposed by Athletic: rhythm, the ball only has to stop because there is a foul, frequency, delivery, minutes... I think that is what many fans want"reflected Aitor Elicegi in an extensive press conference in which he also complained about the schedules of the previous League day and of the shortest break your team will havedespite the fact that Valencia have had their previous game delayed by a day.

"I saw situations more typical of Regional"

What Marcelino said after the game

"The referee can make mistakes in his decisions, but the course of the game can take it in another way to favor the show because they have only seen, at most, 44 minutes of play. And the only person responsible is the referee. I saw more situations of Regional than of two First Division contenders who are playing a Cup semifinal". The Asturian coach insisted already in that press conference after the match, that he had no reproach towards the rival's approach: "That mistake is ours because they play as they consider to optimize his performance, but we are the ones who have to try to play our game.

In addition, the maximum rojiblanco presidentambin has mentioned the referee -as also explained Marcellin- as responsible for the fulfillment of this premise: "to the referee that this game is going to touch him, that it is a privilege to whistle a Cup semifinal, I would ask you to work in that direction. The fans are going to play that game and we hope to see the Athletic that we all know andfacing an opponent in that direction."

"I have only received congratulations for that match"

What Bordals said

The Valencia coach expressed himself in this way over the weekend, on the eve of his match against Alavs: "When a team is criticized it is a sign that things are being done well. My team competes at the highest level, we are the youngest team in the championship, we are growing very well and I am happy and satisfied. I don't know about the stream you're talking about. I have only received congratulations for that football game, congratulations of all kinds because we were a team capable of disconnecting Athletic at home with the level of that team and the level it had in the league".

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