Valencia Basket caresses the title after drying at Alba Berln – La Provincia

Valencia Basket caresses the title after drying at Alba Berln - La Provincia

The Valencia Basket begins to caress the title of the Eurocup and the ticket to dispute the next edition of the Euroleague after making sure, after beat by 89-72, the first point of the final against the Alba Berlin. A rival who left flashes of his potential but, when the locals pressed the accelerator, it happened real difficulties to present opposition. With the victory, As minimum, the Valencians secure a third party in La Fonteta to decide the champion next Monday, but that could already be finalized this Friday in Berlin in case of a new triumph of the Ponsarnau.

Nerves at the start in both teams, which failed the first three attacks due to precipitation. It would be Giedraitis, with a triple, which would break the drought in the game to put Alba ahead in the start (0-3, min.2). It would be practically the only time until the break because, from there, the Valencia Basket was little by little taking over the game. It was at the time, and after several mistakes from 6.75, in which he found Will Thomas in the painting.

The power forward of Baltimore was a real nightmare for the German defense and his 'friend' Luke Sikma, unable to stop him in this first room. That circumstance, together with absolute dominance of the rebound -8 offensive in the initial act, allowed the Valencian begin to open gap in the electronic. The confirmation would arrive with three almost consecutive triples of Matt Thomas, who put eleven up to the premises (26-15, min 12).

They were the best minutes of Valencia Basket, who even seemed to start breaking the game. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aito demanded more intensity from his men and raised defensive lines, which put the locals in serious trouble. Now it was the German team that was reunited with their game and could finally run. The result was a partial of 9-20 that put in a blink of an eye again the tables on the scoreboard (35-35, min 18).

The balance was maximum, missing something more patience in the ranks of the locals when the Alba Berlin tightened. Despite this, Valencia Basket managed to go to rest with advantage after a triple by San Emeterio that broke the equality (41-38, min.20). An anecdote seeing the balance with which the match resumed after passing through the locker room (49-49, min 23) but from which, and coinciding with the third staff of Sikma, the Ponsarnau returned to put the direct .

From the defense

Everything started from the defense, denying his rival any option to score and running hand in hand with a great Van Rossom. The Belgian set the pace and also the Valencian take-off with a partial of 14-0 (63-49; min. 27). That's where the match began and Alba Berlin, who went to the last quarter 18 points down (71-53, min 30).

Valencia Basket had seized his opportunity and now it was time to finish the job in the final section. The team of Ponsarnau did not know how to do it, to which the anxiety could fit after an unexpected 0-9 start (71-62, minute 34). Ponsarnau stopped him, moved the bench and demanded tranquility from his people. And the team, not without suffering, knew how to do it guided by Van Rossom and Will Thomas to close the game and get the first point of the final.


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