Valencia and Murcia face the Government for the transfer of the Tajo to Segura | Society

Valencia and Murcia face the Government for the transfer of the Tajo to Segura | Society

The executives of the Valencian Community and of Murcia have announced this Thursday that they will appeal to the courts the decision of the Government to reduce the planned transfer of the river Tajo al Segura. The Ministry for the Ecological Transition authorized last week the shipment of 7.5 cubic hectometres from Castilla-La Mancha exclusively for human consumption and this Thursday the decision has been confirmed with the publication in the Official State Gazette.

The storage conditions of the header of the transfer, in the reservoirs of Entrepeñas and Buendía, they would have allowed the remittance to reach 20 cubic hectometres, which is what the Executives of the Valencian Community aspire to, presided over by the socialist Ximo Puig, and of Murcia, directed by Fernando López Mira , from PP.

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has applauded the measure and the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has called to avoid alarmism, while ensuring that the Government will support the drier basins.

The reports that the Ministry has estimate that between both reservoirs add 566 cubic hectometres, which do not exceed the 609 set as second level of the transfer, which would mean an automatic shipment of 38 hectometres. In addition, the ministerial resolution indicates that the rains generated in the last month in the Segura basin have caused serious damage to the post-transfer infrastructures of the Cartagena field, which will need repair for at least two months. The sum of these conditions results in the fixed flow rate of 7.5 cubic hectometres.

However, these explanations have not fallen well among the Valencian Socialists. The deputy for Alicante Herick Campos, water coordinator of the Valencian Socialists in Congress, applauds the appeal announced by Puig and believes that "the Government has made a mistake."

On the other front of the battle, the Minister of Development, also Socialist and Valencian José Luis Ábalos, has defended the decision of Minister Ribera. For him, the flow sent does not suppose "problems of fact" for the irrigators. "Today," he said, "the management is being balanced and there is no alarming need." "Honestly, at the time of the year we are in and with the rains we have had, it is not a situation as on other occasions," he has sentenced.

Without precedents

The Government of the Region of Murcia has announced that it will study the ministerial order to "undertake all kinds of legal actions" and thus avoid "perpetrating this attack". It is a decision that has been adopted in the Water Board, convened as an emergency by the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, after his meeting with the minister.

According to López Miras, the central executive plans the final closure of this infrastructure through the future Climate Change Law and criticizes the statements of President Pedro Sánchez and the minister reveal a "water illiteracy" when referring to the need to limit the transfer and bet more and more on the desalination.The decision is, for the regional president, a serious event and unprecedented in history.


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