April 14, 2021

Valencia achieve a valuable draw against Betis in the discount and take advantage in the Cup – La Provincia

Valencia achieve a valuable draw against Betis in the discount and take advantage in the Cup - La Provincia

The Valencia CF Took out a draw (2-2) in the 92nd minute before him Real Betis on the way out of the Copa del Rey semifinal held on Thursday at the Benito Villamarín Stadium, which will host the final on May 25, a high-speed clash and exchange of hits in which the locals sent 2-0 to 20 minutes from the end, when Cheryshev and Gameiro They resurrected the Valencians.

Without the glamor of the Classic, but two teams with showcases, the pulse between béticos and valencianistas It was confirmed as even, intense and long. He gave much for the first round, which had Betis in his hand to bring home as host of the final. The visitors reaction led it and Gameiro finished with a 2-2 in the 92nd minute. Loren and Joaquín goals, for an Olympic goal, lost weight facing the return in three weeks at Mestalla.

The atmosphere and the prize of the tie left a pretty fight from the start, with domain exchange and arrivals and the goal at the edge of Loren's rest. The arrivals were missing the last pass and it was Valencia who called first. Soler refined that last shipment to find Rodrigo, who forced Joel's pardon.

In the back corner, the local goal again had to shine in the Mina header. Without the ball and with a high rhythm, Betis struggled to recover his composure, in an unexpected script change for the injury to Bartra 10 minutes and the entry of Javi García. The reply ended up coming and, of course, led Canales.

The Betic brain, curiously enjoying spaces, put it to Guardado and the Mexican ball crossed over without entering the goal. After, Joaquin's boarding school found no auctioneer. With the cards on the table, Valencia went back to confuse, in a corner kick in short, with the ball of Canales Sidnei in the far post and Loren arranged in the pot.

Valencia cools the bética euphoria

Under pressure was the Villamarín, to celebrate the Advantage before rest and explode in the resumption. Those of Marcelino returned to amagar, especially with Rodrigo's careers, but who knocked down the door again was Betis and his eternal Joaquín. The Betic captain went crazy with an Olympic goal that confirmed the VAR, another corner kick that, with more pain if possible, condemned Valencia.

The images of the match

The picture 'che' moved the bench with Gameiro and Kondogbia, overcome by the game but in time to change the script and with the return home. A goal changed everything, the Betic sentence or the 'che' lifeguard. Gameiro entered on the right foot to offer his career and put the death pass to Cheryshev. So Valencia got fully involved in the fight, with 20 minutes ahead they still promised.

Gasoline did not seem to give for much more, except for Gameiro. Setién made debut to Jesé, without the Betis was overturned, and with a final occasion of Mandi in corner kick. Valencia did not go crazy after the 2-1 rush, but crashed into the crossbar with Cheryshev and ended up drawing the draw with Gameiro, well assisted by Rodrigo, in the discount.


RESULT: REAL BETIS, 2 – VALENCIA CF, 2. (1-0, at halftime).

REAL BETIS: Joel; Mandi, Bartra (Javi Garcia, min.10), Sidnei; Joaquín, Carvalho, Guardado, Junior (Francis, min.80); Canales, Loren (Jesé, min.78) and Lo Celso.

VALENCIA: Jaume; Piccini, Garay, Gabriel, Gayá; Parejo, Coquelin (Kondogbia, min.58), Soler (Wass, min.78), Cheryshev; Mina (Gameiro, min.58) and Rodrigo.


1 – 0, min.45, Loren.

2 – 0, min.54, Joaquín.

2 – 1, min.70, Cheryshev.

2 – 2, min.92, Gameiro.

REFEREE: From Cerro Grande (C.Madrileño). Amonestó to Junior (min.15) on the part of Betis. And Rodrigo (min.52), Soler (min.65) and Parejo (min.73) in Valencia.

STADIUM: Benito Villamarín, 57,123 spectators.


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