Vaccination turns Murcia residences into coronavirus-free oases

Family visits to users at the Residence of San Basilio de Murcia.

Family visits to users at the Residence of San Basilio de Murcia.
Israel Sanchez

If there is a group in which the vaccine against him coronavirus like a ray of hope It is the oldest, a group that has been the most punished by infections throughout the pandemic and that now, thanks to immunization, has become the most protected. An example of this protection is found in the residences, both for the elderly and for the disabled, where no new infections have been registered since the end of February, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health of the Murcia region.

In this time of pandemic, just over a year, residences have experienced dramatic moments in which the Murcian Health Service (SMS) He had to take the reins to contain the infections, with a balance of 1,458 older people infected and 380 deaths from the covid. Now, they are once again meeting places, family members can walk through the door and users leave again without having to keep quarantine or isolation afterwards.

Vaccinations in residences began on December 27, 2020 as it was a priority group and only a few weeks later it achieved coverage rates that exceeded 80 percent, reaching 94 percent when it was finalized with this age group.

However, "the third wave of the pandemic hit us and although the vaccination in residences had already begun, there was no time for the elderly to be fully protected," recalls the Minister of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy, Isabel franco. This immunization lasted for a month, "We were the fastest in Spain to protect the elderly", But then came the highest peak of contagion of the pandemic as a result of the Christmas celebrations.

Franco explains that «" what has happened inside the residences has corresponded at all times with what was being lived abroad and in the rest of the Region of Murcia ", so that" the same March 20 Last year we began to take measures, to close the social centers for the elderly and we prohibited family visits. "

The Minister of Social Policy affirms that "since January 27 we finished with the vaccination in the residences we have noticed a very significant improvement " and reports that in the last two months there have only been 7 false positives among workers and 4 more among users of residences, "but there are no active cases in the 166 residences for the elderly and the disabled in the Region of Murcia, all as a result of the vaccination campaign ".

Despite the improvement, the Ministry has not relaxed the surveillance in the residences and the protocols are still active. The sectorization is maintained in case a positive case is detected to be able to isolate that user without the risk of contagion to the rest, as well as the personnel who work in these centers. While maintaining the cleaning booster.

Isabel Franco remembers that Murcia was the first autonomy to recover family visits and "in opening the residences to hugs, always complying with the security measures."

In the last report of the Imserso There is no evidence of any covid contagion in residences in the Region, while in the last week there have been cases in 20 centers throughout Spain, with a total of 53 affected residents. A pandemic that has cost the lives of a total of 19,723 residents.


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