UxGC presents the Local Council of Mogán, chaired by Dr. Catalina Cárdenes

It also renews Santa Lucía de Tirajana, with Fancisco Pérez. With these appointments, the party is already represented in 70% of the island's municipalities, and will present the rest before December

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Yesterday, the
Local Council of the municipality of Mogán, previously approved by the Insular Council of Unidos por Gran Canaria. This advice will be p
residido by the doctor Catherine Cardenesa well-liked person in the municipality, with extensive political experience in the Mogan city council, and who has been very optimistic about the next municipal elections to be held in May 2023.

In the Local Council, she will be accompanied by the well-known doctor Juan Ramón Peraita Aguilar, Carmen Delia Perdomo Gil, Rosa Hernández Medina, Carmen González Ramírez, Marize Monteiro Dos Santos, María Cristiana Geijo García, Francisca Trujillo Suárez and Isidro Ramos García.

With this team, Unidos por Gran Canaria, which also presented a large group of new members from Mogán, aspires to obtain broad representation in the next elections, which will allow it to become part of the municipal government.

In the same act, part of the Council of Santa Lucía de Tirajana was renewed, after some of the members of the previous Council took on island-wide responsibilities, the
The team from Santa Lucía de Tirajana will be chaired, from now on, by Francisco Pérez Ruano, a person who until now performed functions in the Southeast area, and who, from now on, will focus his activity in this municipality. He will be accompanied by David Cabral Díaz, as vice president; Carmen Delia Eugenio Batista, as secretary; and the members José Juan Santana Elzo, Irene García Bolaños and Francisco Borja González Ponce, a doctor who will share his functions with those he already has in the Party's Health Commission.

After the presentations, the island president, Lucas Bravo de Laguna, took the floor to announce that,
in September, the Telde Local Council will be presentedthe second largest city on the island, and the holding of two major events, the first on October 1, to present various projects for the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and another, of greater magnitude, on November 4, to present the candidate to lead the list of the Cabildo, for both events some surprises are being prepared that will have a great social impact.

The president of Unidos por Gran Canaria took the opportunity to remind his colleagues that, despite the climate of tension created by other political formations, this
party will continue in its line of launching proposals that help improve the lives of grancanariosin particular, and canaries in general, and that it would not feel comfortable in the mud.

He wanted to make this reminder because, sometimes, they are reproached for not giving "reed", and made it clear that they will continue
criticizing mismanagementbut not going into matters unrelated to this, nor discrediting the rivals due to judicial issues or the internal functioning of each party, "we will disapprove of mismanagement and we will make alternative proposals, as we have been doing up to now," stressed Bravo de Lagoon.

The leader from Gran Canaria also wanted to highlight the large attendance at this Council, the new registrations, with a 10% increase in membership in one month, and encouraged colleagues to continue along this line, because, he recalled,
"United for Gran Canaria, more than a political party, pretends to be a social movement, the yellow tide must be unstoppable, and it will be noticed in May 2023."

Finally, Lucas Bravo de Laguna wanted to thank the support of all the groups in the Parliament of the Canary Islands for the proposal by Unidos por Gran Canaria that
the island will host the 2030 World Cupin the event that, as is foreseeable, Spain and Portugal are the organizing countries, "it is true that the deadline for presenting the candidacy ended on July 4, and that, thanks to pressure from our party, it was presented before that date, and this subsequent support from Parliament was not necessary, but everything that adds up is welcome", he concluded, also thanking the recognition that was made in plenary session to his great work when Gran Canaria hosted the Basketball World Cup, being he Councilor of Sports of the Cabido de Gran Canaria.

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