UxGC defends a project "insular but within a strong and united Canary Islands"

Lucas Bravo de Laguna, in an act at the party headquarters. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

Lucas Bravo de Laguna highlights the consolidation of the party, already implanted in 60% of the island and with a constant increase in members

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«The photo of this moment for Unidos por Gran Canaria (UxGC) is that we are already implanted in 60% of the island, with local councils constituted and functioning, because with affiliates we are throughout the island. Soon we will constitute the councils in Telde and Mogán». This is how Lucas Bravo de Laguna, president of UxGC and deputy in the Canarian Parliament, manifests himself, with a month to go until he completes a year at the head of the political organization.

As for affiliates, he adds that it has multiplied and continues to grow at a constant rate. Lucas Bravo de Laguna details that the new militants sometimes come from people who were in other parties -especially at the local level- «and also many new people, who have not been in other parties, and who see us as what we are: a social movement that is neither right nor left, but that seeks to add to improve Gran Canaria and the quality of life of those of us here ».

The president of UxGC adds that his political project involves running for regional, lobbying and local elections: «Our biggest fight against citizens is that they realize that we are not here in a national key; We are not here to remove or add Pedro Sánchez or Feijóo». Bravo de Laguna says so bearing in mind that the voter in Gran Canaria tends to act with great parallelism with respect to state voting trends.

He underlines that Gran Canaria "is the island that collects the most and the one that receives the least per inhabitant" in basic matters

«I was in the PP for many years and, unfortunately, it is shown that the national parties are not sensitive to the Canary Islands in general. We at UxGC think, unlike the already established nationalist parties, that Gran Canaria should regain more weight in the Autonomous Community; For this reason », he adds, « our project is an island one but within a strong and united Canary Islands. In that sense, we do share with other parties that the Canary Islands must have strength in Madrid, because that is key for them to attend to our singularities, and for them to respect, for example, our Economic and Fiscal Regime or our Statute of Autonomy. "It's something that happens with the PP, with the PSOE and even with Podemos," says the president of UxGC, citing as an example the recent statements by former Podemos deputy Alberto Rodríguez defending the convenience of a political platform "of Canarian obedience."

"We don't want to take anything away from any island. We want a strong and united Canary Islands, and the rest of the islands are our sisters, but clearly Gran Canaria is the one that has been left behind", says Lucas Bravo de Laguna in response to those who criticize islanders.

Regarding that "having been left behind", Lucas Bravo de Laguna summarizes it in two questions: "It is the island that collects the most and the one that receives the least per inhabitant, on the contrary, in health, education or social services." «Gran Canaria is the one that contributes the most and the worst treated in these and other issues. And Gran Canaria wants to continue being supportive, but not with that imbalance », he emphasizes.

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