July 25, 2021

Uwbeauty, beauty website with unbeatable prices

Uwbeauty, beauty website with unbeatable prices



He started with a blog and a few dates ago he launched his own beauty website, "Uwbeuty. com". Norma Garci offers a platform on which the client can find "the most iconic beauty products and the most exclusive firms with discounts and prices without competition ", says this entrepreneur from Madrid, mother of four children.

Explain that the business idea It arose from the need to share everything that I have been discovering through your blog. «I realized that thanks to him I had access to a large number of brands and products and I thought, why not launch and create an e-commerce where the public can easily consume what I'm talking about? Why not be a bridge between brands and the public? ».

«Uwbeauty.com» is an online store specialized in beauty and luxury where you can find makeup, perfumes and treatments for skin and hair care the best brands. All this together with very competitive prices and big discounts. In addition, the purchase is very comfortable and intuitive thanks to the easy design of the web. There is also the possibility of consult a professional in real time to clear doubts or receive advice.

Norma explains that this website is aimed at all those people who recognize themselves addicted to beauty and also like to take care of your pocket doing it. «And for those who are not yet, but want to discover this fantastic world too». In short, he explains that "Uwbeauty.com" is for anyone who "wants to take care of himself and feel better about himself".


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