Users want to discover the ‘apps’ in a natural way | Innovation

In an environment as atomized as that of applications, a small detail is what makes the difference between enduring and staying on the road. Huawei's exclusive AppGallery is one of these ecosystems in which developers and users converge. The first to find a business from a app; and the seconds with the idea of ​​making the most of the phone. As the representative of Huawei Mobile Services in Spain and Portugal explains, the interconnection in a marketplace It is essential to improve the experience offered by all parties involved. "It's a direct way to have communication with customers," they say from the Chinese company.

According to the figures it offers, since its official launch last week, AppGallery has 400 million monthly active users and about 220 billion downloads worldwide. “It is a way of being present all over the world, including China. Registration is free. It takes about 72 hours to have a app published, ”they say at Huawei. The process will culminate successfully as long as privacy is not a problem. Any developer must comply with European data protection regulations. If no one skips the legal requirements, they will be published in the store from Huawei. In addition, if the developer wishes to further enrich the experience with these devices, he can introduce Huawei APIs, such as those related to notifications, maps and location, or to automate processes, such as updates to the app.

The purpose of AppGallery is to integrate the greatest number of benefits for users, such as including coupons and discounts so that the entire redemption process is online. Customers want to discover the applications in the most natural way possible. It is almost impossible to determine how a person reaches the app, but it is clear that it will not be for a relentless bombardment of advertising. "We believe that if you see a notification with a flight, a hotel reservation or by the mobile shortcut assistant, this discovery will occur more naturally," they warn from the organization. The trend is clear for Huawei, which hopes that the artificial intelligence of mobile phones will help to make the most of the ecosystem.

The dizzying speed imposed by digitization does not help to have a road map. Any entrepreneur can get lost with some ease. “I encourage companies and developers to think about the apps of the future and improve the user experience ”, they conclude in the Chinese company. A smartphone It has become an incontrovertible business opportunity. Very different is the way in which each actor decides to get involved. The competition is very high, although it should not discourage good ideas from coming to fruition. All that remains is for users to have the opportunity to click on the icon.


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