August 3, 2021

Users are fed up with their telephone operators

This service received claims from 54% of its customers

All companies consider their customers to offer them new services or products but are not as efficient in resolving their complaints. This is confirmed by a report of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) which shows that the problem of complaints affects a high percentage of people. Specifically, a 80% of citizens have been forced to claim in the last five years. The deceptive promotions, unnecessary insurance, invoices that do not correspond to the fixed rate and the already more than usual calls at odd hours, have raised telephony, banking and insurance as the sectors that concentrate most of the complaints of its users.

For 12% of consumers to file a claim is a waste of time and they choose to “let it run.” From OCU they deny this belief.“Claiming does have a result”, they affirm, although for this it is necessary to wait. Of the 52,000 claims Received by the Organization in 2019, 42% of users indicate that their complaint was resolved in a fully satisfactory manner and 35% admit that it was partially resolved. 23% of those who complained acknowledge that it was useless. 60% had to contact the company more than three times and a 46% of consumers recognizes that he had to wait between one and six months for its resolution, “which gives an idea of ​​the poor quality of many customer services”, denounces the OCU.

The OCU data indicates that telecommunications companies concentrate most of the problems. Obstacles to unsubscribe, customers who receive a navigation speed lower than the contracted or constant calls to offer them new rates. These are some of the episodes that any telephone user has ever had to face and therefore 54% have been forced to claim. The second place is occupied by banks, with 34% of customers unanswered with any of their products or services. According to data from the Bank of Spain, during the first ten months of 2019, Spanish banks received 12,187 claims. Of the 3,901 lawsuits that were resolved, the banks did not rectify in 610 of them (21.89%), although the Bank of Spain gave the reason to the clients. The main object of complaints is still mortgages, followed by the contracting of accounts and deposits. The third position falls on the insurance that received complaints from 32% of its users. Bad advice, disagreements in the application of contracts or lack of information, are some of the most common sources of protest. On the contrary, the sectors that generate the least samples are public transport (13%) and the sale of clothing and footwear.

The type of problem varies if it is about products or services. Among the products, the main problems were the malfunction (35%) and that they adjusted to what was planned or promised in advertising (14%). Among the services, users complained mostly about problems in billing (28%) and problems with the contract (22%). In the case of product claims that were resolved positively, the most common was the repair of the product: it occurred in 35% of cases. In the case of service claims, the most common solution was the return of the claimed money (34%).


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