September 26, 2020

Useful and little-known WhatsApp functions – La Provincia

WhatsAppIt is the most popular messaging application on the planet, and in Spain, the favorite of most users. But, little by little, the Facebook-owned app has become much more than a simple communication tool, to the point of constituting a social network itself.

But beyond that, in its progressive development, WhatsAppIt has been incorporating a series of functions that can be very usefulbut that, sometimes, they are not especially known. Taking them into account will help us get the most out of the app

These are some of the lesser known WhatsApp functions:

Create a group for yourself to send files

Although there are multiple formulas to manage our digital files from your mobile or computer, a little WhastApp trick makes it easy to send documents from one device to another in a very simple way.

It would be enough to createa WhatsApp group in which we are only us. To do this, we must have the complicity of any other person when creating it (it is not possible to generate a group of a single individual), but only in that step. Afterwards, we can remove this third person from the chat. From there, with our own contact as the only member of that group andusing the mobile phone next to WhatsApp Web on a computer, we can send files from one device to another quickly and easily.

Custom Tones

On many occasions we live overwhelmed by the amount of whatsapps we receive. And between that sea of ​​messages, it may happen that we miss the most anticipated or those of our favorite chats. Therefore,an option as simple as the one to personalize the announcements of these chats can be of great help. For that, you have to go to the chosen chat, click on the three points in the upper right and click on ‘View contact’ to choose ‘Personalized notifications’. On Android, here we can decide thetonenotification, if we want the mobilevibrateor a notification appearsemergentand even thewarning light color(if mobile allows).

Highlight messages

The conversations in the WhatsApp chats can be of a very different type and, sometimes, extensive. And not only that. Sometimes, in the middle of themWe quote or write us relevant data or informationWe want to remember later. Finding the messages that contain them later can be a cumbersome task. To solve this problem, WhatsApp created the ‘featured messages’ option.

Highlight messages, one of the least known options of WhatsApp- Photo: Shutterstock.

The step to do it is very simple. You just have to press and hold the messages we want to highlight and, on Android,click on the top menu star. In iOS, this star will be seen in the bar menu that will appear when you press and hold messages.

Once highlighted, these messages can be read by accessing the contact information and after selecting ‘Featured messages’.

Send a message to many people without having to create a group

This functionality is available through the ‘Broadcast’ option. To run it on Android we have to click on the three vertical dots in the upper right of the app and choose ‘New broadcast‘. In iOS there is a specific button of ‘Mailing lists‘. From there, it is enough that we add the contacts to whom we want the message to arrive.

Create shortcuts to chats

Although it is common to accumulate an increasing number of contacts and groups in the app, we will always have our favorites. Therefore, the app allowscreate shortcuts to the chats we want from the mobile screen. The process is simple. On Android, you just have to access the chat in question, click on the menu of the three points in the upper right, then on ‘More’ and, finally, on ‘Create shortcut’.

Use bold, italic and strikethrough

Although it is a functionality that is on its way to reaching four years, the option of using bold, italic and crossed out in our texts remainsone of the great forgotten WhatsApp.

Again, it is a very simple mechanism. If what we want is to write inbold font, we will have to put an asterisk (*) before and after the chosen text. In the case of the letteritalics, we will write between underscores (_), and if what we want is to send a word or textstrikethrough, we will place it between the virgulillas (~). These options can also be combined.


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