July 30, 2021

Usain Bolt celebrates his first match as a starter with a double – La Provincia

Usain Bolt celebrates his first match as a starter with a double - La Provincia

The Jamaican exatleta Usain Bolt, eight times Olympic champion, lived this Friday his first big day in his adventure in football by scoring a double in the clear victory (0-4) of his team, Central Coast Mariners, in the friendly against MacCarthur South West United.

The Caribbean had warned in the previous days that this duel could mark his future both in the Australian team and in this new adventure, especially after the offered his discreet debut. But "Rayo" had also made it clear that he had improved in many aspects and he could demonstrate in this match, crowned by two goals.

Bolt, with 95 on his back, he started and played 75 minutes as the only forward of his team, although his goals did not reach the second half when his team was already 0-2, despite having a good option with a good header that went close to the post. The first, in the 57th minute, was when he received a ball deep and launched a powerful shot that could not stop, although it was by his stick, Ezequiel Consoni.

The second, in '68, was less 'nice' and came after a big mistake between the defender and the rival goalkeeper, who collided and left the ball a few meters from the line so that the Jamaican only had to push it.

"Jugar my first game as a starter and score two goals, is a good feeling. I am happy to be able to go out and show the world that I am improving. I'm willing to be a 'Mariner' more, play at my best level and enter the team, "said the world record holder of 100 and 200 meters after the game, this double is a reinforcement to return to the starting lineup on October 21st. the start of the A-League with the visit to Brisbane Roar.


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