July 27, 2021

USA will today announce limits to asylum applications at the border, according to

USA will today announce limits to asylum applications at the border, according to

The US Government plans to announce measures today to limit the options of requesting asylum from undocumented immigrants who arrive at the southern border, after three weeks of threats by President Donald Trump to the caravan of Central Americans traveling through Mexico.

According to various American media, the tentative plan is to make an announcement today from the Departments of Justice and National Security, and that Trump signs a presidential order on the issue before taking off on Friday to Paris.

As a result of this measure, the United States would only allow undocumented immigrants arriving at the border to apply for asylum at the designated ports of entry in the border area, in contrast to the current situation, which gives undocumented immigrants up to a year to process. your request for refuge.

According to officials who have seen Trump's order and who spoke with The Wall Street Journal, the White House's intention is to implement the measure temporarily, although it is not clear until when.

In a speech last week from the White House, Trump already announced that he was preparing a plan to limit the asylum request of immigrants who crossed the border illegally.

"With this plan, illegal migrants will no longer be able to obtain a free pass to our country by making claims without merit when requesting asylum, whereas migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves legally at the ports of access," the president said at the time. .

The new restrictions on the right to apply for asylum are based on the power that allowed Trump to issue his immigration ban in 2017 to refugees and citizens of several Muslim-majority countries.

It is expected that, as with that veto, several groups will file lawsuits to delay or block the limits on refugee applications.

Trump hardened his immigration rhetoric in recent weeks, coinciding with the final stretch of the campaign for the legislative elections last Tuesday, and promised that he would not let in the thousands of Central American immigrants who were advancing in caravan to the United States, and who are in Mexico City.

The president has also sent more than 5,600 soldiers to the southern border, but since the appointment with the ballot boxes has not re-emphasized the issue of immigration, beyond reiterating that the caravan considers an "invasion."


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