August 11, 2020

USA UU. spend $ 750,000 on studying extraterrestrial material

In mid-October 2019, the Academy of Arts and Sciences Towards the Stars (TTSA), a company created by the singer and guitarist of the rock band Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, signed an agreement with the United States Army for the study of several extraterrestrial materials. And we don't talk about meteorites but, presumably, about UFO bits. The agreement of collaboration the aforementioned DeLonge was signed and Jeffrey L. Langhout, director, CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center of the United States Army with the purpose of taking advantage of advances in metamaterials in possession of TTSA in Army land vehicles.

The contract, to which we have had access since Black vault, does not specify the origin of the technological materials that "have been acquired, designed or produced" by the Academy of Arts, although the musician boasted on the Internet of his extraterrestrial origin and Luis Elizondo, director of the Pentagon's secret project and one of the most prominent panelists of the Academy of Arts, assured the media that it was "materials outside the solar system" (sic).

Under the contract, the extraterrestrial materials will be analyzed in the laboratories of the United States Government with the purpose of developing applications for defense. For this, the Government of the United States may carry out evaluations of the technologies, among others, for the achievement of the inertial mass reduction, mechanical / structural metamaterials, electromagnetic metamaterial waveguides, quantum physics, quantum communications and transmitted energy propulsion. Once the objectives have been achieved, the Army undertakes to return the materials provided and establishes a budget of $ 750,000.

As you have learned, Mystery Space is about seven strange stones that a soldier found after the Roswell incident, in the New Mexico desert, in 1947. The military hid the stones from his superiors. As Elizondo explained, the funny thing is that these materials “they have not met again on Earth, they are not a human creation ” and they have a series of characteristics that are unique that coincide with what was assured by other witnesses of the incident. They have, for example, a thermal resistance well above the known materials of the Earth and also, show antigravitational properties when they are exposed to a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation.

We will see if, after the study, something else is known about the origin or applications of these metamaterials.

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