September 21, 2020

USA restricts the activity of five Chinese media for “propaganda”

The US Government He announced Tuesday that he will restrict the activity of five Chinese media, including the state-run Xinhua news agency, for “propagating” the Communist Party of China, two officials in the State Department reported to the press.

As of now, USA It will treat those five media as if they were diplomatic missions of the Chinese Government, so that journalists will be subject to the same restrictions as diplomats, said those sources, who requested anonymity by not being authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

The two officials explained that Washington has made that decision because, in recent years, Chinese President Xi Jinping has “strengthened” his control over those media and has made them “arms” of the “propaganda apparatus” of the Communist Party from China.

The five affected media are owned by the Chinese State. This is the Xinhua news agency; CGTN television; China’s International Radio; the official English newspaper, the China Daily, and the company that distributes it, the Hai Tian Development USA, also subject to US restrictions.

As with the diplomatic legations of any country, now, these media will have to inform the State Department of the properties they have in the US. and deliver a list with the names of their employees, as well as inform who they fire and hire.

Washington and Beijing are facing each other since the beginning of the trade war in 2018; but now they are going through a sweet moment after reaching a principle of agreement, although the outbreak of the coronavirus has raised doubts about China’s ability to meet its commitments to increase the purchase of US products.

Already in November 2017, Washington restricted the activities of Russian television RT (former Russia Today), which forced it to register as a foreign agent to continue operating in the country.

In response, the Duma or Lower House of the Russian Parliament passed a law to include several Western media in its own list of foreign agents, such as the CNN Americans, the Voice of America and Liberty Radio, as well as the German corporation Deutsche Welle ( DW)


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