Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

USA prepares for the hypothetical arrival of migrants by sea

USA prepares for the hypothetical arrival of migrants by sea

The US Departments of Defense and National Security On Monday, they began the military maneuvers Avance Integrated, whose objective is to prepare the troops for a hypothetical mass arrival of migrants by sea, but which have no relation with a real scenario, according to the Pentagon.

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"This year's exercise will focus on preparing for a mass migration in the Caribbean, but without any relation to real-world events," the South Command of the US Armed Forces said in a statement Monday. ., which is the one that operates in the Latin American and Caribbean area.

The purpose of the Integrated Advance maneuvers is that SouthCom troops and members of federal, state and local agencies work together to prepare a humanitarian crisis scenario that could lead to a massive migratory flow to the southern border of the country.

This year, the note says, it will be the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that leads the operations.

Vice Admiral Peter Brown, commander of the Coast Guard - one of the six branches of the US Armed Forces. but that ultimately is part of the DHS - noted in a second statement that "mass migration on a large scale is a complex challenge that requires a coordinated response from the Government."

"This mission is both to respond to a humanitarian crisis and to strengthen border security, and it is our responsibility to do everything possible to be prepared and integrated with other agencies to respond to a potential crisis," Brown said.

Although these maneuvers are held every two years, this time the Pentagon has wanted to avoid any suspicion that might arise in the chosen scenario - the arrival of migrants from the Caribbean - because of its similarity to the possible consequences that could result the humanitarian crisis suffered by Venezuela.

According to calculations of the Organization of American States (OAS), 2018 culminated with at least 3.4 million Venezuelans, about 10% of the population, fled their country due to factors such as shortages of medicines and food, hyperinflation or the violence.


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