Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

USA prepares a fine against Facebook of 5,000 million dollars

Abrupt finale for the long honeymoon between Facebook and Washington, much more benevolent than Brussels with its setbacks. The Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission in English, FTC) has just approved a fine of about 5,000 million dollars by non-consensual transmission of personal information from more than 50 million people to Cambridge Analytica
, according to has advanced The Wall Street Journal.

The scandal erupted in 2018 and revealed the lack of vigilance and absolute lack of control that Facebook had over the personal data of its users and the fraudulent political activity that took place on its pages. Cambridge Analytica used this data for profile analyzes that it performed for the election campaign of Donald Trump in the presidential elections of 2016.

The fine is part of a broader agreement reached with the company and has been approved by the FTC by three votes in favor and two against, according to the newspaper. The three members appointed by the Republicans voted in favor and the two Democrats, against, as they consider that the amount was too low. The company had reserved 2 billion dollars more to face the possible penalty.

The matter is in the hands of the Department of Justice, which must now formalize the decision. The usual thing in these cases is that it is limited to confirming what the FTC has decided. The fine would be the highest ever dictated by the agency against a technology. The 'record' in the USA it has Google, which paid 22.5 million dollars in 2012, a figure to light years of about 9,000 million in penalties that accumulates in the European Union.

The FTC investigation began in March 2018 and sought to determine if Cambridge Analtyca illegally accessed data from millions of Facebook users through an app, which would violate the terms of the agreement reached in 2011 and that required The social network to request authorization from its clients if their information was shared with third parties. The day that transpired the facts the company lost 37,000 million dollars in stock market value. The headaches have not ceased since then for the company of Mark Zuckerberg, in the spotlight of the White House along with other technology for the alleged boycott against his followers. The Administration has never substantiated these accusations with evidence.

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