February 28, 2021

USA plans to send another 1,000 national guards to the Mexican border

The US Department of Defense is evaluating the possibility of sending another 1,000 National Guard reservists to the state of Texas to help agents of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office in control tasks, reported Tuesday. official sources.

"The Department of Defense has received a request for assistance from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which asks to authorize the deployment of the Texas National Guard in support of work to strengthen the southern border of the United States. . ", Major Chris Mitchell, spokesman for the Pentagon, told Efe.

Mitchell explained that the request "is being studied" by the acting secretary of defense, Mark Esper.

The request includes the sending of about 1,000 members of the National Guard, a deployment that, according to the spokesman, has already received the appropriate approval by the governor of Texas, the Republican Greg Abbott.

The reservists would collaborate with the border authorities at the Donna and Tornillo facilities, both located in the vicinity of the border with Mexico.

In addition, the National Guard would provide support at El Paso and Laredo airports to strengthen customs security and expedite commercial traffic.

President Donald Trump already ordered in April last year the deployment of the National Guard – a reserve corps of the Armed Forces – on the southern border of the country in response to the news of a caravan of migrants advancing to the United States. from Mexico.

Since then, the Pentagon has been increasing its presence in the region -both with reservists and active military- to face what the government has described as a "humanitarian crisis", in reference to the arrival of undocumented migrants.

Currently, according to the latest figures released by the defense portfolio in mid-June, some 4,600 members of the Armed Forces are deployed along the border to collaborate with the DHS, 2,700 of which are active military and the rest reservists.

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