February 28, 2021

USA intercepts a boat in South Florida with 27 Cubans on board

The US Coast Guard He intercepted a rustic vessel with 27 Cubans on board south of Key West, in the Florida Keys, the institution said Thursday, which did not report injuries or incidents.

As he said in a statement, the Coast Guard station in Key West was alerted last Saturday by a good Samaritan about a possible boat with immigrants on board, who could not be seen in the dark of the night.

The Coast Guard sent a ship that spotted the boat with the 27 Cubans on board, 22 of them men, four women and a minor, according to the agency, which said they were all safely transported to the US agency's ship.

Captain Jason Ryan of the Seventh Coast Guard District said that attempts like these are "extremely dangerous."

"Especially during hurricane season when the weather and sea conditions can dramatically and quickly change in a matter of minutes," he added in statements in the note.

Ryan informed that, according to the current national immigration policy, Cubans apprehended on Saturday in the ocean will be repatriated to their country.

The interception comes after weeks ago the agency arrested five Cuban immigrants, all adult men, when they were sailing in a small boat, about 88 kilometers southwest of the island of Marathon, in the extreme south of Florida, with the intention of entering To USA.

Some 438 Cuban migrants have attempted to enter the United States illegally by sea in fiscal year 2019, which began on October 1, 2018.

This figure, which includes the total number of arrests at sea in the Florida, Caribbean and Atlantic Straits, is greater than the 384 Cuban migrants intercepted in fiscal year 2018.

In January 2017, the then president of the United States, Barack Obama, canceled the "wet feet / dry feet" policy, enacted in 1995 and whereby Cubans who touched territory were favored with the Cuban Adjustment Law and could stay in the country and even obtain permanent residence, while the others were deported to the island.

Shortly before the elimination of this benefit, an unusual arrival of migrants from the Caribbean country was registered in the Florida Strait, as many anticipated the end of "wet feet / dry feet."

After the cancellation of the policy, the crossing of the so-called "rafters" was markedly reduced and became more unusual.

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