July 12, 2020

USA insists on recognizing Guaidó as AN leader despite court ruling

The United States insisted on Friday on its commitment to Venezuela’s “legitimate” National Assembly (AN, Parliament) under the leadership of opposition leader Juan Guaidó and criticized the recent attempt by Nicolás Maduro’s “illegitimate ex-regime” to destroy what Washington describes as “the last democratic institution” that remains in the Latin American country.

This is how the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, reacted in a statement to the decision of the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) on Tuesday, which left Guaidó without the presidency of Parliament, which he shared de facto since January 5 with Luis Parra.

The AN board of directors headed by Guaidó was definitively annulled by the high court, which recognized Parra – a dissident from the opposition – as the legitimate president of the legislative institution.

In the note, Pompeo assured that this ruling, which he described as “farce” and coming from “an illegitimate Supreme Court aligned with the Maduro ex-regime,” “intends to hand over the Presidency of the National Assembly to a deputy who received bribes from the regime to orchestrating an alleged inauguration of the institution. This is terrible. “

The Foreign Minister denounced that Maduro, the security forces and the Supreme Court have led “a sustained assault” against Parliament, and recalled that they have issued “false sentences against dozens of parliamentarians, forcing them into exile”, in addition to continuing with ” the arbitrary detention of political prisoners “, among whom he named Roberto Marrero, Gilber Caro, Tony Geara, Ismael León, Renzo Prieto and Juan Requesens.

In the last year and a half, Guaidó has appeared as the head of Parliament and as the president in charge (interim) of Venezuela, thus recognized by more than 50 countries to the detriment of Maduro, whom many leaders consider “illegitimate” for not being elected, according to its detractors, in “democratic and free” elections.

The AN presidency had been the catapult for the opposition leader to gain recognition from the international community and treated with honors of the head of state by those who defended him as such, after he proclaimed himself president of Venezuela in January 2019 .

But when he lost, by court order, his position as head of Parliament, Guaidó’s political power was questioned and at the expense of the treatment that, from now on, the presidents who supported him until today and who made up a long list headed for the United States.


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