USA expands measures against the Mexican Cartel of Jalisco New Generation

USA expands measures against the Mexican Cartel of Jalisco New Generation

The Government of the United States announced today new measures to combat the Mexican Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), which include an increase in millionaire rewards for the capture of its leaders and raise to fifteen the accusations before the US Justice against its members.

This was reported today by the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, at a press conference in Washington with other officials of the Department of Justice, State and Treasury.

Among the actions, the US government doubled the maximum reward offered for the capture of the leader of the CJNG, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as "El Mencho", to which the US Accused for three years of drug trafficking charges.

In this way, the compensation goes from 5 million dollars to 10, one of the highest in the United States. keep in this moment.

The US executive also indicated that it offers a reward of 5 million dollars in exchange for data that facilitate the arrest of Erick Valencia Salazar, "El 85", a leader of the CJNG who was recently charged in the US. for a crime of drug trafficking.

In addition, the US authorities issued new charges against six members of the cartel, including "El 85", and the sister organization of Los Cuinis, bringing the total number of defendants to 15.

Apart from "El Mencho", the "number 2" of CJNG, Rubén Oseguera González, "El Menchito", son of the top leader and facing two counts of drug trafficking in the United States, is also imputed by the US Justice.

Sessions highlighted in the press conference that the cartel is among the government's priorities because it is bringing "poison" to the United States.

According to Sessions, three of the fifteen accused are already in the custody of the Mexican authorities awaiting extradition, while the leader remains unaccounted for.

Sessions said that in the future he expects "many more accusations" in relation to the Jalisco cartel: "They will not stop until they are stopped," he said.

The CJNG was included yesterday in the list of transnational criminal organizations, specifically within the five priorities of the US Government, which will create a group of specialists that will try to combat these entities.

Since 2015, the US Treasury has appointed 63 individuals and organizations for their links to this cartel, which has allowed, they say, to keep track of their funds.


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