July 27, 2021

USA disassociates technical problems in elections of "malicious activities"

USA disassociates technical problems in elections of "malicious activities"

The Government of the United States today unlinked the technical problems experienced during the electoral day of this Tuesday of any type of "malicious activity".

An official with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ruled out during a telephone press conference that the technical impediments recorded throughout the day at points like New York City are caused by malicious actions, according to the information they are handling at the moment.

"We continue without seeing any kind of indications that there is a malicious actor behind these events," said the official, who explained that "they are normal problems that happen on almost any election day."

"These are technical problems," he continued, "equipment challenges. (…) We are not seeing any kind of malicious activity associated with any of these cracks in the country."

During the day, local media have collected cases of voting machines that did not work, that did not communicate the votes, that they ran out of battery or for which there were not enough cables, so that the availability of polling stations in the centers was reduced. Georgia, New York and Texas, among other territories.

The Administration employee indicated that they have received information from the local authorities – who manage the elections in the USA – about technical obstacles during the day, such as in New York, where long queues have been registered to go to the polls.

Shortly before, the same official acknowledged that cases of malicious misinformation had been observed during the electoral day of this Tuesday, but he dissociated them from any foreign influence.

"In all elections there are those who want to send information to make mistakes or confuse the voters, and these cases have been dealt with quickly by the platforms. (…) We have not seen links with any foreign agent," he said.

According to this DHS official, most cases of misinformation have been "accidental".

Facebook closed 30 of its accounts and another 85 of Instagram this Monday after the US authorities alerted of their links with "foreign entities."

Yesterday, DHS and US Intelligence, among other departments, said in a joint statement that "foreign actors" continued to try to influence the elections.

"Americans should be aware that foreign actors – and Russia in particular – continue to try to influence voters' feelings and perceptions through actions that seek to sow discord," the statement said.


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