Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

USA Create a consortium to use supercomputers in the fight against the coronavirus

The US Government announced Monday the creation of a consortium of academic institutions, private companies and federal agencies that will lend their supercomputers to process a “number of massive calculations” related to the fight against the coronavirus.

The White House reported in a statement the “launch of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium to provide COVID-19 researchers worldwide with access to one of the most powerful computing resources in the world, which may significantly speed up the fight to stop the virus. ”

The Administration stated that the supercomputers will allow “a massive amount of calculations related to bioinformatics, epidemiology and molecular modeling to be processed, thus helping scientists develop the answers to complicated questions about COVID-19 in hours or days instead of weeks or months. ”

Among the entities collaborating in this project are IBM, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Google and Microsoft, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the laboratories of the US Department of Energy, the Foundation National Science and NASA.

“The US is uniting to fight COVID-19, and that means unlocking the full capacity of our world-class supercomputers to rapidly advance scientific research to find treatments and a vaccine,” the maximum said in the note. technological manager of the country, Michael Kratsios.

To launch this project, the White House has set up an online portal where experts can present research initiatives to the consortium.

Those proposals will be reviewed by a panel comprised of computer scientists and researchers who will evaluate the public health benefits of each project submitted and decide where efforts will be focused.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic has already caused 332,935 infections and 14,510 deaths in 190 countries, of which 33,404 infected and 400 deceased are located in the USA.


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