USA Condemns a Guatemalan drug lord to 23 years in jail

The United States sentenced Monday to 23 years in jail to Guatemalan drug dealer Waldemar Lorenzana Lima, an ally of the Sinaloa cartel in the Central American nation, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.

Lorenzana Lima, 80, was known as "the Patriarch" of the Guatemalan organization Los Lorenzana, and was arrested by the authorities of his country in April 2011 and then extradited to the United States in 2014.

In August 2014, he reached an agreement with the Prosecutor's Office for which he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. This Monday, more than five years after that agreement, he was sentenced by a federal judge in the District of Columbia to 23 years in jail and to pay more than $ 50 million.

Lorenzana Lima admitted "having been a member of an international organization dedicated to drug trafficking that received, cataloged and stored quantities of cocaine from Colombia on its properties in Guatemala, for eventual importation into Mexico and the United States."

In addition, he declared against his children, whom he introduced into the drug trafficking business.

The Lorenzana are a Guatemalan criminal organization that acts as a bridge in Central America for cocaine trafficking between Colombia and Mexico since the 1980s.

The family had collaborated with the great Guatemalan drug lord, Otto Roberto Herrera García, arrested in 2007 in Colombia and extradited to the US.

According to the indictment, they imported the drug from Colombia through El Salvador and Guatemala by sea and air, and stored it on agricultural farms in the department of Zacapa.

Two of Lorenzana's children, Waldemar and Eliú, who took the reins of the organization after their father's arrest, were also arrested and extradited to the United States, where both were sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018.

Last November, another son of Lorenzana, Haroldo, who also has an extradition request to the US was arrested.


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