USA becomes the main foreign market of the Vega Sicilia winery

USA becomes the main foreign market of the Vega Sicilia winery

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«I do not want these wines to be collected. I want them to drink, "said Pablo Álvarez, CEO and co-owner of this week. Tempos Vega Sicilia. The wines of the most prestigious Spanish winery have come to New York this week, on the occasion of the New York Wine Experience, one of the most important fairs in the world in this sector, organized by 'Wine Spectator'. This magazine has an overwhelming influence in the wine sector from its scoring system for each bottle. Only wines with more than 90 points can qualify for the fair that is now held in the Big Apple.

The exclusivity and the limited vintages of some of their most coveted wines, such as 'Único', have turned them into collection object. Also in the USA, where the wines of this winery gain ground in the process of internationalization of the company. "Next year, USA It will be the first country in the world to import our wine, "Álvarez announced.

The forecast is for the US market to buy more than 100,000 bottles of its different brands, which it means 8% of the total production of the company.

So far, Vega Sicilia's main international client was Mexico, followed by Switzerland.

But the purchase of its wines in the USA. it has doubled in the last five years, in an acceleration parallel to the internationalization of the winery: only three years ago, Spain represented 65% of its market, while now it is 35%.

USA It has established itself as an essential place for these wines, "but it is a complex market," said Álvarez. "There are fifty countries," he said, referring to the demographic, economic and social differences in each of the states.

The state where the company is most established is Florida, where in recent years a number of Spanish-American billionaires with the ability to spend hundreds of dollars in a bottle. The two powers of each coast, New York and California, are the other main markets, followed by Texas, both in cities such as Houston and Dallas where gastronomy is advancing at a forced pace, as on the border with Mexico. "We are also growing in places where we had little presence before like Arizona, and it costs us more in markets that seemed more favorable, such as Chicago," explained the winemaker.

USA it is still a market very loyal to its own harvest: 60% of what is consumed comes from the wine regions of California, such as Napa or Sonoma, "and the rest of us fight for the remaining 40%".


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