USA and Honduras sign two more agreements to confront irregular migration

Honduras and the United States signed two more agreements on Friday to expand bilateral initiatives to address irregular migration across Central America, the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa reported.

The agreements were signed by the interim US Security Secretary, Kevin McAleenan, and Honduran Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales.

"The firms, which took place at the headquarters of the United States Department of Homeland Security in Washington, will increase collaboration between the two countries on key issues," the US Embassy said in a statement.

Both agreements, which are added to the one signed on Wednesday in Washington aimed at stopping irregular migration from Central America, similar to those reached with Guatemala and El Salvador, "will further improve asylum and protection capacity in Honduras and provide protection to vulnerable populations as close as possible to your home, "McAleenan said.

"Today we signed a bilateral agreement to build stronger asylum capacities in the Northern Triangle (of Central America) and further improve the asylum and protection capacity of Honduras," McAleenan wrote on his Twitter account.

He also noted that "solving the crisis at the border means working with our neighbors in the region" and that "Honduras has been a great partner."

"The Department of Homeland Security will continue to confront irregular migration with its international partners to improve security and prosperity in the Central American region, mitigating the 'push and pull' factors that contribute to the humanitarian and security crisis at our border. southwest, "adds the statement of the US diplomatic legation.

He also said the first agreement will improve cooperation to strengthen the enforcement of immigration law to further prevent irregular migration flows to and from Central America.

With that agreement, according to Washington, the United States and Honduras "they will collaborate to support criminal investigations against gangs, human trafficking and human trafficking networks."

The United States will also provide technical assistance to Honduras's efforts to establish capacity development.

The second agreement signed will expand the exchange of information by supporting Honduran efforts to coordinate the use and execution of the data exchange program to support law enforcement and public safety.

In addition, that "will allow the United States and Honduras to automatically exchange real-time information about third-country citizens trying to enter Honduras."

According to information from Washington, the Government of Honduras signed another agreement with the United States Department of Labor to improve the operations and execution of the nonimmigrant visa program.

With this agreement, both countries launched a joint effort to address the expansion of legal immigration opportunities from Honduras to support the commercial interests of the United States, the reduction of non-tariff trade barriers to promote foreign direct investment, the trade facilitation and customs reinforcement.

Under Secretary of Employment and Training of the US Department of Labor, John Pallasch, said that "with Honduras's commitment to protect its workers from criminal actors who charge excessive fees and facilitate human trafficking, US employers who use the H-2 programs can feel confident that the workers they recruit from Honduras will come to the US to work with a good job and return to Honduras to build their life and that of their family. "

In addition, through that agreement, "the Honduran government will support temporary workers seeking employment in the United States and coordinate with US employers in the hiring process," Pallasch said.

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