July 30, 2021

USA alerts its banks to the risk of the arrival of funds from Nicaragua

USA alerts its banks to the risk of the arrival of funds from Nicaragua

The Government of the United States alerted the banks that there is a risk that funds "coming from political corruption in Nicaragua" will arrive in the country, the White House said today.

It is a gesture with which the Executive of President Donald Trump rejects the practices of his Nicaraguan counterpart, Daniel Ortega, in the face of protests that have remained in Nicaragua since April 18.

The crisis in that Central American country has left between that time between 322 and 512 dead, according to national and international humanitarian organizations, while the Ortega government only recognizes 199.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that this warning is a "strong signal" that the Trump administration "will not tolerate the indiscriminate use of violence, repressive tactics and corruption of the Ortega regime." , which have worsened the economic situation of the population of Nicaragua. "

The Network Against Financial Crimes (FinCEN), of the US Department of the Treasury, has issued an alert to US financial institutions. before the possible arrival of funds originating in Nicaragua.

FinCEN does not rule out that politicians linked to Ortega can mobilize assets from accounts in Nicaragua to the US. "to perceive the possibility of greater social conflict, possible sanctions and other factors," according to a statement from the institution.

According to that notice, it requested its banks to report suspicious activities in case they perceive possible misuses of public funds of the Central American country or that could come from corrupt practices linked to Ortega.


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