Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

USA accuses of fraud to the executive of Huawei detained in Canada

EE.UU. acusa de fraude a la ejecutiva de Huawei detenida en Canadá

The United States prosecutors accuse the senior executive of the Chinese company Huawei Techologies of fraud, in relation to the non-compliance of penalties to Iran. The financial director of the technology company, Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of the founder of the Chinese giant, was arrested at the request of US justice last Saturday in Vancouver, Canada, when he was heading to Mexico.

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The arrest, revealed by Canadian authorities late on Wednesday, was part of a US investigation into an alleged plan to use the global banking system to evade US sanctions against Iran, they said. Reuters people familiar with the investigation.

Meng, 46, was seen for the first time since her arrest at the hearing held this Friday at the Supreme Court of British Columbia to determine if he gets bail while the courts decide on his extradition to the United States.

As the Canadian Crown attorney argued the judge, Meng, who was accused of conspiracy to defraud the banks, has incentives to flee the country. Dishonesty is a factor in deciding your bail, the lawyer said. The Crown attorney argued that it is too difficult to set bail high enough to prevent him from fleeing.

The arrest of the Chinese executive comes at a delicate moment in relations between Washington and Beijing, and just when both sides had accepted the resumption of trade talks.

After the meeting in Argentina, Trump and Xi agreed to give themselves 90 days to resolve their commercial differences, a period in which the US He agreed to leave China's tariffs on Chinese products worth $ 200 billion as of January 1, 2019, and not to raise them by 25%, as planned.

Despite the positive initial reaction of the markets to the announcement of the agreement, the lack of specificity on the commitments reached and the case of Meng have fueled the nervousness and caused the markets have chained several days of losses.

But the White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, ruled out today that the arrest could affect the trade pact agreed with Beijing, since they are going "on a separate path".

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