Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

US Senators criticize Facebook for allowing the auction of a minor

US Senators criticize Facebook for allowing the auction of a minor

A group of US senators He claimed today the president of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, that his company has allowed the father of a minor to use that social network to announce the auction of his daughter in marriage to the highest bidder.

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In a letter, nine senators from both parties led by Bob Menéndez, the highest-ranking Democrat of the Foreign Affairs Committee of that chamber, told Facebook's founder that they considered it "unacceptable" that his company is contributing directly to the "practical abominable "of child marriage.

"Even though your company's mission may be to 'make the world more open and connected', the auction of a girlfriend on her platform is a violation of human rights that threatens the lives, health and future prospects of girls" , they added.

The senators referred to the case of a man from South Sudan who last October used Facebook to illegally buy his father the hand of a girl of 16 years in marriage in exchange for 530 cows, 3 cars and $ 10,000 in cash .

Although the auction was face-to-face, it had been advertised on Facebook by the father of the child, as reported by the girls' international organization Plan International.

"Facebook only came to hear about the auction three days after the girl was married and more than two weeks after the family announced the auction on the platform," added the senators, who consider the issue a new example of inaction Facebook on security issues and spreading misinformation.

Facebook has ensured that it withdrew the announcement of the auction as soon as it knew of its existence, which was after the bid had been carried out.

"It is time for Facebook to begin to assume a real responsibility for the abuses committed on their platforms," ​​stressed the senators, who asked Zuckerberg what measures it has to ensure that no one is trafficked, auctioned or sold through that network Social.

Although the laws of South Sudan prohibit marriage before the age of 18, 52% of girls in that country are married before that age and 17% before they reach the age of 15, according to figures cited by senators.


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