US cruise industry still dealing with infections and will not be able to get help

The cruise industry, which despite being paralyzed by the coronavirus continues to deal with contagion from passengers and crew, promised this Friday to help overcome the COVID-19 crisis, amid reports that it will not be able to benefit from the large stimulus package. US economic

"As a vital artery to the American economy, which supports more than 421,000 direct and indirect jobs in the country, the (cruise) industry plans to do its part to contribute to and drive the global economic and social recovery," said the International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA).

The message posted on the CLIA Facebook account does not mention the stimulus package of more than 2 billion (millions of millions in Spanish) dollars already signed by President Donald Trump.


According to financial means, the large business groups in the cruise industry will not be able to benefit from the $ 500 billion fund established in the package for large companies in difficulties, because they are incorporated abroad.

Royal Caribbean's parent, for example, is a company incorporated in Liberia.

The fund will be subject to the supervision of an independent inspector and entails conditions such as limiting executive salaries, as well as a ban on the use of rescue funds for the repurchase of shares.

Although CLIA has stressed in recent days that the cruise industry is "a resilient community" and when the pandemic ends it will return "stronger", the bad news continues to surround the sector.


This Friday, it was learned that four elderly people died on board a Holland America cruise ship, of the Carnival group, which is anchored in Panamanian waters with a group of 138 passengers and sick crew members on board.

Two of these people tested positive in the preliminary tests of COVID-19 that were carried out in the "Zaandam" thanks to the supply of medical supplies that another ship from the same company, the "Rotterdam", sent only with crew to assist him, did this Thursday.

The "Zaandam", like other long-distance voyages, was surprised at sea by the decision of the large companies in this sector to suspend their activities due to the coronavirus, announced in mid-March.

The decision was made after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans should be advised not to travel on cruise ships, as outbreaks of the new disease occurred on board several of them.

The companies indicated that the current cruises would continue their journey to their final destination or the passengers would be disembarked earlier in ports established for it, if necessary.


This Thursday, in Miami, of two of those ships that continued sailing, the "Favolosa" and the "Magica", both from the Costa company, also from the Carnival group, 13 crew members with symptoms of a respiratory illness were evacuated and taken to city ​​hospitals.

The Miami Dade authorities did not allow the two cruise ships to dock at the city's port and the evacuation operation was carried out while they were at anchor at sea several miles from the coast.

The "Zaandam" is in the Pacific Ocean waiting for the Panamanian authorities to give him permission to cross the canal and in principle he was going to head for a port in Florida.

This ship carries a total of 1,243 passengers and 586 crew members and the idea is for those who are healthy to move to "Rotterdam" to continue their journey following strict CDC protocols, Holland reported today.

The company did not report the causes of death of the four elderly passengers for privacy reasons.

Efe tried unsuccessfully to find out through CLIA how many US-based cruises. they are still making crossings.


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