May 15, 2021

US Congressmen positive for COVID-19, first in the Legislative

Republican Representative Mario Díaz-Balart and Democrat Ben McAdams tested positive for COVID-19, thus becoming the first US Congressmen infected with this new disease, as reported in separate statements this Wednesday.

Díaz-Balart, 58, participated in a vote in the House of Representatives on Friday on a package of economic measures to deal with the coronavirus and then began a voluntary quarantine “as a precaution” at his Washington residence.

“On Saturday night, Díaz-Balart developed symptoms, including fever and headache. Soon after, he was notified that he had tested positive for COVID-19,” the statement said.

In that same statement, the congressman indicated that he already feels “much better”.

“However, it is important that everyone take this extremely seriously and follow the directions of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to avoid getting sick and mitigate the spread of this virus,” said Díaz-Balart. .

Following the representative’s statement from Florida, Democrat McAdams reported that he also tested positive after participating in Friday’s vote in the Lower House in Washington.

McAdams, 45, said he isolated himself at his Utah home Sunday after developing cold-like symptoms.

“My symptoms worsened and I developed a fever, dry cough and difficulty breathing,” he said, prompting him to undergo a coronavirus test on Tuesday, which yielded a positive result.

Several congressmen and senators such as Republicans Ted Cruz or Paul Gosar have quarantined in recent weeks after being in contact with people infected by COVID-19.

Miami Mayor Francis Suárez had also tested positive for coronavirus after being in contact with sick members of the Brazilian president’s entourage, Jair Bolsonaro, who 10 days ago were in Mar-a-Lago where they also shared with the US president. .UU., Donald Trump.

CDC cases of coronavirus in the United States reach 7,038 infected and 97 deceased, although data from state agencies brings the number of patients to almost 9,300 and that of deceased to 151.


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