July 7, 2020

US authorities blame COVID-19 spike on citizens’ recklessness

The authorities of the United States made appeals on Monday to the responsibility of citizens to avoid recklessness and stop the expansion of the coronavirus in the country, which exceeds 2.5 million cases and is close to 126,000 deaths, with serious rebounds in Florida, Texas and Arizona.

The main epidemiologist of the US Government, Anthony Fauci, regretted that some Americans have abandoned the precautionary measures against COVID-19.

“What has happened, I guess understandably, though regrettably, is that people have taken an all-or-nothing attitude in some places. Either you lock yourself up or you let go and you ignore a lot of social distance recommendations, wear a mask, refrain from shaking hands or avoid large crowds, “Fauci reflected in an interview with CNN.


The expert indicated that even in states that are asking citizens to follow these measures “there are crowds, there is no social distance and they are not wearing face masks.”

“This is the recipe for disaster,” he warned. “It’s something I’ve talked about over and over again.”

Experts point out that due to the increase in cases, Florida is seen as a possible new epicenter of the pandemic in the US, where until now the main focus has been New York.

The Florida Department of Health reported Monday that the state registered 5,266 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, a figure well below that of the last three days, although it may be because many Sunday were performed less evidence than on Saturday.

Even so, in Miami-Dade, the main focus of the disease, the pandemic does not breathe and infections increased by more than 1,500.

The cumulative number of cases since March 1 thus rises to 146,361, of which 3,447 (28 more than Sunday) have died from the virus today, according to the Florida Department of Health.


For the first time in the last three days, the number of daily infections did not exceed 8,500, although on Sunday only 41,626 tests were performed compared to the 72,195 carried out last Saturday.

In Miami-Dade County, the contagion count grew this Monday with the record of 1,508 new cases and stood at 35,222, of which 975 have been fatal.

The state is in Phase Two of three with the governor’s plan, Ron DeSantis, for the economic revival, which began in May.

Despite the evident rebound in infections, especially in Miami-Dade, Republican DeSantis maintains that it is necessary to continue with the reopening and considers that making the use of masks in public places mandatory at the state level would not serve to stop the contagion.

However, Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, which will host the Republican national convention next August, where President Donald Trump is expected to accept the candidacy for the November elections, announced that from 17 local time (21 GMT) ) This Monday the use of face masks will be mandatory in closed public places, as well as “in other situations where individuals cannot maintain social distance.”


The spokeswoman for the city council, Nikki Kimbleton, told The Washington Post newspaper that the obligation to wear a mask or not during the Republican convention will be addressed as the date of the event approaches.

The Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, insisted this Monday in an interview with the ABC television channel on the importance of practicing social distance and the use of masks.

“We are experiencing very serious outbreaks in many counties in parts of the southern US, governors are reporting that the median age of people testing positive is 35 or younger, and there are many asymptomatic. This is a real call to action, “he urged.


Azar noted that 3.5 million COVID-19 tests are currently being carried out per week and that the idea is to increase them.

“We have more tools now than we did two months ago, but there is a heavy burden in terms of our collective responsibility as individuals during the reopening,” he said.

Despite this call to responsibility, Azar ruled out the need for a federal order to be imposed to impose the use of a mask in public places and was in favor of the decision by state and local leaders.

He also spoke of the announcement by the US pharmaceutical company Gilead that it will sell its drug Remdesivir, the first that has been shown to be effective in treating COVID-19, at $ 390 a vial for governments of developed countries, which would raise the price of the drug. most common treatment at $ 2,340 per patient and that of the longest therapies at $ 4,290.

In the United States, since the use of Remdesivir for coronavirus sufferers was approved in May, hospitals have been using doses donated by Gilead, which will start charging for the drug starting in July.

Azar said the government has insured half a million Remdesivir treatments for US hospitals through September: “This is the medication that, if hospitalized, can reduce the length of your stay by a third,” said Azar.


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