August 8, 2020

US Alert UU. for the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping – La Provincia

The supposed safety for the health of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices It is increasingly questioned. The alert is underlined by the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) in the case of recent cases of respiratory diseasea stranger registered in the United States. "The common link seems to be inhalation through electronic cigarettes," says the Spanish entity.

The new SEPAR notice comes from a recent statement released by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in which it explained that it was – together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – investigating "incidents of severe respiratory disease associated with the use of e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) ".

In that notice, the FDA itself acknowledged feeling "deeply sad" at the knowledge in late August of the death of an adult in Illinois who had been hospitalized with severe respiratory illness after using an electronic cigarette product. "

It was not for less, at the height of last August 27, a total of 215 cases of disease -between 17 and 38-year-old patients- had been registered in 25 US states. "In many cases, the FDA notes, patients reported the onset of symptoms gradually, including difficulty breathing and / or chest pain before hospitalization."

Some patients even had moderate gastrointestinal ailment with vomiting and diarrhea, fever or fatigue. In some cases, they also acknowledged having recently inhaled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their e-cigar. So far, the US health authorities are analyzing samples of products included for inhalation in electronic cigarettes. Until the results of the investigation are obtained, the FDA emphasizes that "it is important to provide consumers with the necessary information to help them protect themselves and their loved ones."

For all this, he launched a health warning with recommendations. They are the following:

1. Do not buy electronic cigarette or similar products on the street, that is, outside the regulatory channels.

2. Do not modify electronic cigarette products and not add additional substances that have not been provided by the manufacturers.

3. The electronic cigarette should not be used by minors, young adults, pregnant women and adults who currently do not use tobacco.

4. In the case of using electronic cigarette, you have to control the appearance of symptoms such as cough, decreased breathing or chest pain and require prompt medical attention in case of having health problems following inhalation.

Now, the FDA must determine whether the substances that are inhaled from the electronic cigarette or the authorized vaping devices are responsible for respiratory disease; or if the causes are other substances added by consumers or if the cases of respiratory ailments were due to other causes.

Finally, from SEPAR they emphasize that "the substances that are inhaled through the electronic cigarette and the vaping devices they are toxic and harmful to health. "

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