Uruguayan youth mobilize in defense of the Integral Law for Trans Persons

Uruguayan youth mobilize in defense of the Integral Law for Trans Persons

Hundreds of people, mostly young people, demonstrated this Saturday in defense of the Comprehensive Law for Trans Persons before the board of signatures that aims to repeal this law passed in Parliament in 2018.

The event, held on the esplanade of the Municipality of Montevideo, featured shows, speeches and electronic music.

One of the organizers of the initiative, 20-year-old trans Tomás Bertón, told Efe that the event seeks to be an "artistic concentration" in which everyone can be united and support the cause.

"We are organizing all this move to show those people that want to take away our right, a right already granted, that we are united, that they will not lower us, that the law will continue to stand, that we are strong," said Bertón .

In this sense, the young person indicated that they did not expect such a big event since initially it was going to be "a meeting to drink mate" but then several artists joined.

Specifically, the presidential candidate Carlos Iafigliola and the deputy Alvaro Dastugue, both of the opposition National Party (PN) presented to the Electoral Court 69,360 signatures to repeal the trans law through a referendum.

The candidate said to Efe last March that this was done to consider "dangerous" legislation for denying "biology."

On that occasion, the politician said that the law "introduces the gender ideology" and denies that people are born "man and woman".

Regarding this, Bertón said that the detractors of the law "are not going to happen" and that most of the signatures were "thanks to the lies" of the promoters of encouraging the repeal.

"Sincerely we are calm, we simply want to claim, to be here, so they can see that we do not remain silent, nor for a matter of provoking them, simply so that they understand that it is a right already granted that they can not take away," he said.

He also stressed that the support of Uruguayan society has grown and that, on a daily basis, he receives messages from many people asking and being interested in the regulations.

Finally, he affirmed that today's move is not a partisan political act, but rather an activity organized by two trans young people in search of defending their rights.

Through the signatures obtained, Iafigliola and Dastugue seek a pre-referendum, which is accessed with the rubrics of 2% of the electoral roll.

In that instance, the population will vote to define if it wants to move towards a referendum, for which an adhesion of 25% of the register is needed and in which it would be defined by simple majority if the law is repealed or maintained, according to Iafigliola.


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