Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Uruguayan teachers criticize the educational proposal of the opposition coalition

The National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers of Uruguay (Fenapes) criticized on Tuesday the educational policies indicated in the multiparty agreement document that the opposition presented for a possible government if it expires in the second round of elections on November 24.

This text lays the foundations of a possible government headed by the candidate of the National Party (PN-center right), Luis Lacalle Pou, who would be accompanied by virtually all opposition parties that obtained parliamentary representation

As explained to Efe the president of Fenapes, Marcel Slamovitz, the concerns of the union go, fundamentally, for educational issues and for the "defenses of freedoms."

Regarding the former, he pointed out that the agreement is "deplorable", "not very rigorous academically" and that "it tends towards the privatization of education."

In addition, he stressed that there "does not talk about a budget increase," but it does talk about creating military high schools which, from his point of view, is "a nod" to the elected senator and former president candidate for the Cabildo Open (CA -right) Guido Manini Ríos, who until the beginning of 2019 served as commander in chief of the National Army.

On the other hand, Slamovitz asserted that other "serious" elements are a probable reform of the teaching status and the possible elimination of certain subjects.

"Obviously they do not want the children of the workers, who in 84% continue to attend public education, study," he added.

Fenapes leader José Olivera also said today at a press conference that the points of education in the multiparty document are due to a mandate from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

"The OECD review team recommends the suspension of teacher participation in the government of education, that is, this agreement by the country was written outside borders and this is what the political parties that are supporting the candidacy of Lacalle Pou and that they sign the document, "he said.

Finally, Slamovitz commented that his "struggle and dialogue" union is open to receive any of the candidates who want to speak with them.

He also added that after knowing the result of the second electoral round, which will be held on November 24 between Lacalle and the official Daniel Martínez, of the Frente Amplio (FA-left), there will be a meeting between the members of the federation to see what attitudes they take with a view to 2020.

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