Uruguayan advertising agency "demolishes myths" with international award

Uruguayan Julian Kanarek and Spaniard Ignacio Vallejo are the partners and directors of the advertising agency Ciudadana, which won an international award this month for a campaign against harassment of women that "demolishes myths" about the creative potential of the South American country .

This is the Napolitan Victory Awards, which awards Spanish-speaking political advisors and communicators and, on this occasion, presented its first award to the Uruguayan company for its campaign for the Municipality of Montevideo in conjunction with UN Women.

"It is a great pride, because, in addition, it allows us to show a small portion of a very talented work that is done in Uruguay and in many more companies around the world." He also demolishes the myth that can not be communicated from Uruguay for the world, "Kanarek said.

The businessman also explained that the message is based on the theme in which the city of Montevideo "decides to speak to its citizens", assuming the problem that women suffered from harassment in their daily transit.

In that sense, Vallejo detailed that the request of his clients had a number of "very complex" requirements, since it was a "very delicate" issue such as street harassment, which "is extensive" and that "many people" do not he notices

"It was difficult until we found that position as neutral as possible to convey a clear message, very objective that was sexual harassment in the streets of Montevideo," he explained.

In his opinion, this scourge is "uncomfortable and ungrateful" for women, so they sought to develop a message that could be codified by the largest number of people involved and well taken by all.

The creative director, who has been living in the Uruguayan capital for 28 years, insisted that the campaign aims to achieve a "Montevideo of equity" in which "everyone" can enjoy equally between women and men.

He also stressed that "the challenge" of this campaign was trying to achieve a cultural transformation, which, in his opinion, are "a challenge", although he valued the experience and trajectory of the agency in the treatment of social issues.

"Modifying culture is one of the most challenging and difficult things, but it is achieved with a lot of work and time." The first step is to achieve awareness, that people listen to the problem, "he said.

For Vallejo, this type of work contributes to achieving an "awareness" and "putting the issue on the table", there is debate and discussion to try to generate a change of vision on the part of those who did not have it.

For his part, Kanarek - who was also distinguished as the digital consultant of the year - praised the reception of the advertising campaign in which they have had an impact in different countries of the region and even in sub-Saharan Africa.

"The campaign found the tone, the way, to reach the perfect people to reveal this problem that for many is so naturalized that it does not even seem to be a problem," he concluded.


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