Uruguay stands out in Latin America with 50% coverage in palliative care

Uruguay stands out in Latin America with 50% coverage in palliative care

The coverage in palliative care in Uruguay for those patients who require them is 50%, a figure that places the country in a leading position in Latin America according to data that the Ministry of Public Health presented today in Montevideo in the framework of World Health Day. Palliative Care.

"The 50% of the population that would require palliative treaties in our country has it, we have another 50%, but I reiterate that when we compare with the region we are from the best countries, and we have the challenge of moving forward to enhance this component, "said the head of the portfolio, Jorge Basso.

For its part, the responsible for palliative care of the Ministry, Gabriela Píriz, said that in Uruguay there are some "16,250 new patients" who require this care every year, a figure that must be added to the family members, who are also a subject active of this treatment.

"The family is educated in care and the family is taken care of so that it does not make pathological duels, it is a different way of making medicine, much more humanized and integral, let's hope that the whole system becomes impregnated with it", he said.

In that sense, the doctor also defined palliative care as "an interdisciplinary approach for patients who have very serious illnesses, which threaten their lives whatever their age and pathology."

Despite the good situation in which Uruguay is, said that it is necessary to continue to improve, for which he identified "the training of professionals, availability of medicines or the implementation of palliative care teams" as the main areas in which to work .

In the event was also present the Spanish palliative care expert Enric Benito, who assured Efe that, in addition to the coverage, it is necessary to take into account other factors, such as the duration of the treatment.

"Not only does the number of patients matter, but the time they are being treated, because if the patient refers to palliative care during the last 15 days of the process, they have little time to work. we have to extend the time, the diagnosis has to be early, "he concluded.


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