Uruguay sees uneven progress in the world on the use of agrochemicals

Uruguay considers that there are different advances in the world regarding the use of chemical products in the agricultural sector in order to achieve that they are prepared and used in an adequate manner by 2020 "without creating risks for health and the environment".

While acknowledging great progress, Judith Torres, member of the International Environmental Affairs Advisory of the National Directorate of the Environment of Uruguay (Dinama), told Efe that there is still "much to be done".

Torres made the remarks at the close of the Third Meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group on the Strategic Approach for the Management of Chemical Products at the International Level (OEWG3-SAICM), in Montevideo.

"There are many advances but they are uneven in all regions of the United Nations that are in this strategic approach that is legally non-binding, it is not like other conventions to which we are obligated," he said.

He explained that this is a subsidiary working group that prepares the topics for the International Chemicals Conference, to be held in Germany in 2020.

"The recommendations take into account not only the vision, the strategic objectives and what possible institutional arrangements they are going to have but also the means of implementation to be able to comply with this agenda that also forces us to fulfill the 2030 objectives", he added.

This third meeting of the working group was attended by representatives of 170 countries as well as civil society organizations and intergovernmental organizations.

Torres said that Uruguay "is satisfied" with how the group's negotiation took place and considers that this is a process that is growing, highlighting that the country has "a long way to go" in the issue of chemical products, although it does not deny that it still has challenges

"We have an environmental law in which substances and chemical products are part of the articles (...) also at Mercosur level there is an action plan on chemicals and waste that addresses issues of this global plan that is under this strategic framework "he concluded.


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