April 22, 2021

Uruguay seeks to coordinate sanitary measures with Brazil before COVID-19

Uruguay maintains contacts with Brazil with its sights set on “coordinating joint sanitary measures” in the face of the advance of COVID-19 in the South American giant to protect the populations of both nations.

This was confirmed this Saturday to the press by the Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Ernesto Talvi, who highlighted the good receptiveness of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry to accept Uruguayan aid.

Brazil became the third country with the most positive cases in the world on Friday, reaching 330,890, ranking only behind the United States and Russia. The health crisis is added to politics due to the criticism received by the president, Jair Bolsonaro.

In this sense, Talvi said that the main measure that Uruguay has taken to avoid the arrival of Brazilian cases is the closure of borders, although the exceptionality for people who live in border cities and have a “binational” routine remains in force since they work in Brazil but live in Uruguay, or vice versa.

Although he recognized that the health policy of each country “is part of sovereignty” to the extent that Uruguay perceives that the Brazilian situation could affect its population, it could change its position.

“For now, with closed borders, we can only be influenced by border cities and we are in contact with the Foreign Ministry to try to coordinate joint sanitary measures that protect not only the Uruguayan population on the border but also the Brazilian population,” he said.

In addition, he emphasized that days ago he had a conversation with the Brazilian foreign minister, Ernesto Araujo, and was “very receptive” to the possibility of coordinating health and migration actions.

“Brazil is clear that they are in a worse health situation than ours, but we are going to coordinate joint actions to give and bring greater health security to people living in border cities,” he explained.

Despite knowing of the bad Brazilian situation, Talvi showed calmness because Rio Grande do Sul, the border state with Uruguay, does not spend a moment as serious as the rest of the country.

According to the latest official figures, released this Friday, Uruguay registers 753 positive cases, of which 20 died.


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