Uruguay seeks to be the world leader in the tour of tourism with hygienic guarantees

Uruguay seeks to lead both the regional and world level the reopening of tourist activity with a plan that provides "hygienic guarantees" to workers in the sector and users, according to the Minister of Tourism of the South American country, Germán Cardoso, announced this Thursday.

"We have a theme that is decisive to reactivate what is the activity of the tourism industry and the consumption in general of services: to generate the guarantee of hygiene for the user, but fundamentally to give them tranquility and certainty to regain their confidence," he pointed out in reference to the coronavirus pandemic.

In accordance with this, the head of the portfolio announced that he held a meeting with delegates from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and with chambers linked to different tourism sectors, "with the aim of preparing a single protocol of action," which It will be ratified next week to begin its implementation.

Within this, there are guidelines on disinfection and, in addition, aspects related to users and workers in hotels and restaurants are discussed.

In the case of the latter, for example, "how to act when situations that lead to think that there may be some circumstance that may trigger an alarm, how to proceed and how to communicate to the competent authorities," Cardoso said.

"For our country, tourist activity is very important. We are working with great determination for what we have defined as the first phase, which will be the reactivation of internal tourism, and for this it is essential to recover the trust of the user, the client and the tourist, regardless of whether it is national, "he said.

Despite all this, the minister pointed out to the press that there is still no certain date on the return of tourist activity, but that this moment will probably come in a medium period of time and we must be prepared to "move to the action quickly. "

Finally, Cardoso asserted that the Ministry is working to transfer benefits that existed for foreign visitors to local tourists.

Likewise, he said that his portfolio is also very attentive to the situation of air reconnectivity with the exterior, currently closed, because this will give way to the third phase of the action plan that they have prepared.


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