Uruguay presents its main summer destinations in Argentina

Uruguay presents its main summer destinations in Argentina

The Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism and the company Buquebus presented today in Buenos Aires the campaign for the summer season with the beaches of Rocha and Punta del Este and the cities of Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento as main attractions .

"We want to teach everyone what holidays are in Uruguay and their benefits, tax free, discounts and products, although in this time they are sun and sand, we also aim for an extra seasonal tourism" , the Uruguayan minister of tourism, Liliam Kechichian, told Efe.

Kechichian also highlighted the growth of rural tourism in the interior of his country, as well as the nautical, and said that visitors from Argentina and Brazil are the ones who travel the most to their beaches and to their capital Montevideo.

"The Brazilians historically went to Uruguay for their casinos and for shopping more than for the beaches, and in recent years it has been noticeable that the main interest is gastronomy and our wines," the Tourism Minister said.

The event, under the title "Holidays are in Uruguay", was attended by the president of the Uruguayan Chamber of Tourism, Juan Martínez, the president of Buquebús, Juan Carlos López Mena, and the Argentine tourism secretary, Gustavo Santos , among other authorities.

"We are not only countries that are brothers because of our proximity, but also because of our history, our culture, and we are also united in the affection and mission of working together in South America," said the Argentine Tourism Minister.

That is why the secretary stressed that there should be collaboration between countries to facilitate travel and integrate visas in order to "work and grow together."

"We are very well connected, both by sea and by air, it is a permanent bridge between Montevideo, Colonia or Punta del Este," Santos said.

This act was held in Montevideo as a mirror, and tourism was promoted in the Uruguayan capital to the other side of the Rio de La Plata, with Buenos Aires as the main tourist destination for thousands of Uruguayans.


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